Feb 16, 2017: Would you like to help the AILG community by becoming an IRDF Matching Gift Challenger for the MIT 24-Hour Giving Day Challenge of March 14? The MIT 24-Hour Challenge will be a fund-raising outreach event to encourage first-time donors and younger donors. Our IRDF Matching Gift Challengers will help encourage gifts to the IRDF Fund by providing matching (challenge) donations. AILG Board members and other AILG volunteers have already pledged to match the first $3,500 of gifts to the IRDF made on Giving Day; we invite you to join (more details).

Feb 3, 2017: MIT students and other community members return to campus after the US Presidential travel ban.

Jan 30, 2017: The AILG Board of Directors firmly supports the MIT Administration’s ameliorative efforts regarding the Executive Order signed by President Trump on January 27, 2017 restricting individuals from seven countries, including those having U.S. Government-approved travel documents, from entering the United States. This order directly impacts the MIT community, including international students who are members of fraternities, sororities and independent living groups (FSILGs). We are deeply concerned for these students, scholars, and leaders of MIT; we stand in solidarity with our affected brothers and sisters, and we fully support the MIT administration’s urgent work on behalf of all impacted students.