The regular business of the Association of Independent Living Groups (AILG) is conducted by its elected board of directors. You may contact the AILG Board of Directors at:

The Board typically meets on the first Thursday of every month, and the board minutes and handouts are available here.

The officers and directors of the AILG are:

  • Chair, Akil Middleton ’08, ZΨ (term expires 2024)
  • Vice-Chair, Cecilia Stuopis ’90, AXO (term expires 2026)
  • Secretary, Herman Marshall '76, BΘP (term expires 2024)
  • Treasurer, Bev Borden ’82, WILG (term expires 2025)
  • Mary Linton (ML) Peters '92, KAΘ (term expires 2026)
  • Alex Pina ‘09, DTD (term expires 2025) 


  • Sara Wilmer ’03, ΣK (1 year term expires 2024)
  • David Lawrence '14, TEP (1 year term expires 2024)
  • Alice Leung, ’93, ΕΘ, (1 year term expires 2024)

Board Minutes

Annual Reports

Strategic Plan

Corporate Documents