The overall goal of the Parent Outreach Committee is to promote the FSILG communities by developing specific outreach and communication to parents. We envision an interactive process involving students, alumni, parents, and MIT staff to identify and execute specific goals.

The parents of current and prospective MIT students are actively engaged in their children’s activities and decision-making. As students make choices about living situations and MIT community involvement, it is important to engage and inform parents about the benefits and opportunities of belonging to a fraternity, sorority, or independent living group at MIT.

Our specific goals are:

  • Identify best practices that can be used by all FSILGs. These may include: web site information, parent welcome letter, parent-on-call, holiday greetings, newsletters.
  • Engage with Admissions, DSL, UAAP, and the Parents’ Association to ensure that information about FSILGs is made available to parents. This effort will include developing a brochure for parents about FSILGs.
  • Maintain a parent and alumni presence during Orientation, Family Weekend, and Campus Preview Weekend.
  • Create a timeline and document map for annual parent outreach.
  • Facilitate information sharing among the IFC, Panhel, LGC, and AILG.
  • Any additional tasks as determined by the committee.

This work will culminate in a “manual” of best practices for parent outreach, including a timeline, talking points, contacts, and both general and specific documents as resources. The information gathered through this process and the general practices can be extended for use in general public relations efforts, alumni outreach, and fundraising campaigns.

Please feel free to download and use our revised MIT FSILG Handout (updated 3-8-16).

Updates, minutes and other information can be found in Parent Outreach Committee Documents

The Parent Outreach Committee is new for 2015-2016. The committee is chaired by Pamela Gannon (MIT ’84, Parent ’16, Parent ’18). Please contact if you have an interest in serving on this committee or if you have any questions.