Work on the FSILG Strategic Plan commenced in late 2011 and is scheduled to conclude in May, 2014 at the end the spring term. A key motivator was to insure that strategic FSILG interests were incorporated into the Division of Student Life strategic planning process, which has been going on in parallel with the FSILG process.

The FSILG planning effort began with a review of AILG and FSILG operations, and of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with the FSILG community at MIT. Over 20 different focus groups and “visioning” sessions were conducted. With this information as a basis, a Strategic Plan was developed in a series of community meeting. Toward the end of the 2011-2012 academic year, each of the major governing groups presented a draft of the plan to their constituencies. The three undergraduate councils – the Interfraternity Council (IFC), the sorority’s Panhellenic Association, and the ILG’s Living Group Council – all endorsed the plan. The AILG, after incorporating several changes to clarify the optional nature of many proposed activities, endorsed the plan at the September, 2012 AILG Plenary meeting.

In 2013, the focus moved toward implementation and building the organization to implement each of the 21 Initiatives in the plan, starting with recruiting stakeholders as Initiative champions and Strategic Theme Teams members. There is a continuing need for interested participants – whether the students, alumni, or MIT staff. If you would like help in any way, please contact any of the current AILG Strategic Planning Steering Committee members:: Steve Baker ’84 (Chair), Bob Ferrara ’67 (DSL), Akil Middleton ’08, Marlena Love (FSILG Office), and Steve Stuntz ’67. David Hutchings ’10 and Sara Wilmer ’03 also served in 2012 and 2013.

Here the materials from the community review of the FSILG Strategic Plan at Maseeh Hall on Jan 27, 2014:
Part1 and Part2 of the presentations, and in addition there were 2 handouts:
5 Major Strategic Themes and 21 Initiatives that comprise the plan
FSILG-Strategic-Plan-Areas-for-MIT-DSL-assistance updated January, 2014
And here is a a transcription of the Recruitment Analysis notes from the last part of meeting.

Other important documents include:
Introduction to 2012 FSILG Community Strategic Plan
Final FSILG Community Strategic Plan  (33pages!)
FSILG-Plan-Org Chart-12-13-2012 updated December 13, 2012

Additional historical documents:
Information on the extensive Stakeholder engagement process can be found here.
April 2012 version of the FSILG Community Strategic Plan
Feb-AILG-Plenary-notes- brainstorm on interaction points with MIT
Presentation - given at the “Breakfast of Champions” on Sept 27, 2012 (.4MB PDF file)
FSILG-Theme Team Charge and Roles
FSILG Life at MIT – a summary handout at Stakeholder engagements
Presentation – given at the Alumni leadership Conference on Sep 21, 2012 (1.3MB PDF  file)
LGC_Resolution_2012_05_09-Strategic Plan – May 9, 2012
IFC Strategic Task Force Proposal v2 - adopted May, 2012
AILG Strategic Plan work plan – updated April 2012
AILG Environmental Scan - conducted as part of the Division of Student Life Strategic Plan on June 20, 2011

To keep the larger FSILG community informed, the July 10, 2012 semi-annual e-mail included a lot of information about the Strategic Planning effort. These e-mails go to all 20,000 FSILG alums. This Archive includes this and all prior e-mails. Also

Next month, the DRAFT final report on the plan will be under construction here. Lastly, a set of links to relevant MIT historical reports from has been assembled here.