FSILG Facilities Condition Assessment

The FSILG Facilities Assessment was initiated at the April 12, 2017 AILG Plenary at the request of Dean Suzy Nelson of the Division of Student Life. It has been subsequently been endorsed by the AILG Board as well as the AILG Facilities Committee. The purpose is "to to advance a shared understanding the needs for physical renewal of FSILGs to ensure they remain a vital and vibrant element of the MIT community".

On Wednesday, November 29 from 6:30 - 8PM in the Flowers Dining Room of Maseeh Hall (W1), there will be a sessionto provide information and answer questions about the this project. Please RSVP HERE. Alumni Corporation members and undergraduate officers of all FSILGs are invited. It is important to RSVP if you wish to have dinner and also so that we have adequate seating.

Since there is an expected $7,500 fee per organization, organizations have a vested interest in understanding the scope of this work, the first full-scale facilities assessment of the FSILG residences since 1998. That 1998 effort was not very useful to the FSILG community because the reports were not understandable by lay people. A lot of energy has already gone into the current project to ensure the recommendations are easy to comprehend. Building Safety Facilitator Tom Stohlman has also created this detailed guide to preparing for this assessment, so FSILGs get the most useful information out of it. In addition, he has created this FAQ list based on questions people have been asking, as well as this sample report, based largely on the experience during the pilot program.

Please note this program does not apply to organizations where MIT already does the building maintenance, as is the case for Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Alpha Theta, and Kappa Sigma on the MIT campus. These facilities are already part of overall Institute initiative to address deferred maintenance.

Here is more information on the evolution of this project:

At the April 26, 2017 meeting sponsored by the AILG to discuss the West Campus Village Initiative as well as at the May 31 AILG Annual Meeting, Bob Ferrara outlined the planned effort with this slide:

      Coming: FSILG Facilities Assessment

  1. Professional facilities assessment of all FSILGs last done in 1998
  2. Purpose: to provide insight and rough estimates into conditions and, for some, serve as a baseline for fundraising
  3. Based on FSILG Strategic Plan Theme #3 work of 2014
  4. Planning for a summer pilot program has begun at Dean Nelson’s request
  5. From AILG Plenary invitation – pilot houses are DP/No. 6, Sigma Kappa, and Delta Tau Delta
  6. 3 firms to be evaluated – for work and usability of product
  7. Hope for  a rollout in fall to rest of community
  8. MIT Annual Fund can support fundraising if you choose

AILG Building Safety Facilitator Tom Stohlman, Bob Ferrara, and representatives of the pilot houses (DP/No. 6, Sigma Kappa, and Delta Tau Delta) were very much involved in the pilot effort over the summer. Please feel free to direct questions and comments to any of them.

At the September 20, 2017 AILG Plenary Dean Judy Robinson summarized  the plans for the rollout to the rest of the FSILG community in the current academic year with these slides. Please note the commitment by MIT, the AILG, and the Alumni Association to assist FSILGs in addressing and improving facilities conditions. Also, HERE is the handout that accompanied that presentation. Please note the detailed outline for ensuring data privacy.

Here is the current timeline:

May 15, 2017 - MIT Facilities released this RFP to prospective vendors to conduct an assessment on one of the three summer pilot houses.

May 31, 2017 - DSL, Facilities, and pilot house leaders met and selected 3 vendors for pilot assessments

August 25, 2017 - Delivery of final pilot reports.

September 5, 2017 - DSL, Facilities, and pilot house leaders met to evaluate vendor reports and performance

Mid-late October - selection of single vendor for full project.

November, 2017 to April, 2018 - Facilities Assessment of FSILGs