FSILG Fundraising Seminar 2014

FSILG Fundraising Seminar – Feb 26, 2014

The FSILG Fundraising Seminar was held on February 26 at the Flowers Dining Room in Maseeh Hall. It was extremely well attended. Over 40 alumni, actives, and MIT staff were in attendance.  The complete presentation is on-line, viewable with “Prezi”.  Or you can click on any of the links below for a PDF of the individual components or the whole presentation viewable as a 17Mb PDF.

Make a Plan and Fundraising Approach – Jenna Berkowitz ’09, MIT Annual Fund Staff
– Getting organized and developing the approach

MIT Annual Fund – Steve McAlister, Director MIT Annual Fund
–  How MIT can help,  “we are here for you”

Finance and Operations – Dave Latham ’61, Tom Holtey ‘62, and Bob Ferrara ’67
– IRDF, SPGH, Back End Operations, and Donor Recognition


Panel Discussion – “Tales from the Trenches” with
Jenna Berkowitz ’09, Sigma Kappa
Roy Russell ’79, Phi Beta Epsilon
Tom Holtey ’62, Chi Phi
Karl Buttner ’87, Sigma Chi  (see the Renovation Cam!)