Dear Friends and Fellow Stakeholders of the FSILG System,

As we mentioned at the Plenary last week, on Friday, March 14 (Pi Day), the MIT Annual Fund is planning to hold its first ever MIT 24-hour Challenge.  There will be much social media and other hoopla connected with this day, which is designed to encourage younger alums — and especially first time donors — to contribute to MIT.

The AILG Board has agreed to be one of several “Challengers”; our goal will be to encourage and match gifts to the Independent Residence Development Fund (IRDF).  Hopefully, you are familiar with the tremendous support that the IRDF has provided to every one of MIT’s FSILGs.  We see the IRDF has a natural partner with the AILG, and thus we are happy to support Giving Day by challenging our alumni to support the IRDF.

AILG Board members and other AILG volunteers have already pledged to match the first $3,500 of gifts to the IRDF made on Giving Day.  We hope that this will encourage FSILG alums to donate to the IRDF on Giving Day.

We invite you — our fellow FSILG Stakeholders — to participate as IRDF Matching Gift Challengers!

Here are the (simple) ground rules to become an IRDF Challenger:

  • Your Challenge pledge must be for $200 or more.
  • You must redeem the pledge on or shortly after Pi day.
  • Donations to the IRDF (Fund #3766600) are registered as gifts to MIT, so they are fully tax-deductible and count toward class totals for alums in Reunion years.
  • Your name and FSILG affiliation will be included in Pi Day publicity and in the Matching Gift Challenger list on the web site (unless you direct otherwise).

To participate please send your name, affiliation, and pledge amount to Cody Chamberlain ’14 at  Cody is an Executive Assistant at the Annual Fund and is a member of Phi Kappa Sigma. Please contact Cody or Bob Ferrara ( if you have any questions.

Whether you choose to be an IRDF Matching Gift Challenger or not, thank you for all you do the FSILG community.

Best regards,
Steve Baker (’84, Theta Xi)

For the AILG Board of Directors