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Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response 
A presentation by Kelley Adams, Assistant Dean and Director, Violence Prevention & Response and Sarah Rankin, MIT Title IX Coordinator and Bias Response. This lively and interactive presentation was held at the AILG Plenary. Please contact Akil Middleton or Pam Gannon if you have any questions.
February 13, 2019 - AILG Plenary


Alpha Phi House Corporation Wins National Award
MIT’s Alpha Phi chapter won the coveted House Corporation Board of the Year Award at the sorority's national convention.
November 7, 2018 - DSL News


Thank You to 2018 FSILG and IRDF Donors
Many thanks to the FSILG direct donors and IRDF donors who supported their organization and the MIT mission. 
October 4, 2018 - AILG Board


Community Relations Committee Publishes Annual Report 
The student-staff-alumni Community Relations Committee of the
 Association of Independent Living Groups. published the first ever Community Benefits Report.
 June 20, 2018 - AILG Board


 MIT Chancellor Barnhart Addresses AILG Annual Dinner
 On May 30, nearly one hundred members of the FSILG communicty
 gathered at the MIT Museum for the annual business meeting of the
 Association of Independent Living Groups.
 June 14, 2018 - DSL News


 Fundraising Seminar for MIT's FSILG
 MIT plans to team up with the Association of Independent Living
 Groups members to addressed deferred maintenance and repair of
 living facilities.
 June 13, 2018 - DSL News


  IFC Wins Impact Award for Student-Led Consultant Initiative
 The MIT IFC was recognized with an Army Vojta Impact Award for   their risk management efforts at the 2018 Northeast Greek
 Leadership Association (NGLA) Annual Conference.
                                         April 19, 2018.


 MIT Joins National Hazing Prevention Consortium
 This year, MIT has officially become a member of the Hazing
 Prevention Consurtion (HPC), a multi-university organization
 dedicated to creating a culture of inclusiveness through data-driven
                                       policies and education.
                                          March 28, 2018 - DSL News 


 MIT FSILGs Helping Put the Centerpiece Back in Boston's
 Crown Jewel
 Students collaborate with the Charlesgate Alliance to restore
 Olmstead's Emerald Necklace back to its original grandeur.
 January 3, 2018 - DSL News


 Alpha Phi Hosts FSILG's Annual Neighborhood BBQ
 August 30, 2017 - DSL Flickr


 AILG Hosts Dinner at MIT Museum
 Alumni and MIT staff gathered and celebrated at the annual dinner
 and business meeting.
 July 13, 2017 - DSL News


 AILG Dinner 2017
 AILG annual meeting and dinner, with Provost Marty Schmidt as
 the keynote speaker.
 May 31, 2017 - DSL Flickr

 FSILG Awards Reception
 Annual Awards Ceremony of the Student Governing Councils and
 FSILG Office
 May 3, 2017 - DSL FLICKR


 MIT Community Members Honored for Work to Prevent
 Sexual Misconduct

 MIT Violence Prevention and Title IX Office recognzie students,
 faculty, and staff with 2017 Change Makers Award
                                        April 26, 2017 - MIT News


 First Annual FSILG Retreat a Success
 The FSILG Office sponsored a retreat for new leaders at MIT's
 Endicott House in Dedham, MA.
 March 17, 2017 - DSL News



 Living Group Council: Sushi Study Break
 The LGC provided some delicious treats for students needing an
 academic respite.
 March 15, 2017 - DSL Flickr



 Not All Heroes Wear Capes
 ...but some carry tubes. MIT's Panhel President Ayomide Fatunde
 stars in the MIT Admission's 2017 decisions announcement video. 
                                         Pi Day, 2017 - MIT Admissions

 Northeast Greek Leadership Annual Conference
 IFC and Panhell leaders. along with FSILG Office staff, attended
 at this annual gathering, held this year in Hartford, CT.
                                      February 25 2017 - DSL Flickr


 AXO & MIT's Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention

 MIT's AXO makes this cause their cause.
 February 8, 2017 - DSL News


  FSILG Leadership Retreat
 The FSILG Office sponsors a retreat for student presidents from
  the IFC, Panhell & LGC with participation from the AILG Board.
 February 4, 2017 - DSL Flickr


 MIT Honors the Memory of IRDF Founder, Reid Weedon '41
 In half a century of its existence, the IRDF has improved the
 FSILG community thanks to its founder and dedicated member of
 MIT's Phi Beta Epsilon.
                                        January 4, 2017 - MIT News

 Alpha Phi Philanthropy Event
 Alpha Phi does the Boston Heart Walk and volunteers to work a
 2016 -DSL Flickr


 MIT's Chapter of America's Oldest Fraternity Honored for
 Preservation and  Protection of Residenc
 Chi Phi Fraternity receives 2016 Preservation Award from the Ne
 England chapter of the Victorian Society in America.
 September 2, 2016 - DSL News

 Sigma Chi hosts annaul FSILG BBQ for the neighbors
 September 1, 2016 - DSL Flickr


 Creating a Culture of Opportunity and Growth
 Nicolas Gomez ’16 learns leadership, finds his academic path,
 and gives back to low-income, first generation students striving for
 college through TDC.
 April 25, 2016 - DSL News

 Come Home to College
 Erin Main ’16 found her niche at MIT with the close-knit
 independent living group, Epsilon Theta.
 April 18, 2016 - DSL News


 The Heart of Her MIT Experience
 Yukino Nagai ’18 finds her AXO community a common thread
 during her two chapters at MIT.
 April 11, 2016 - DSL News


 Fast Internet Arrives for FSILGs
 Upgrades to wireless connectivity improve academic and personal
 life for FSILGs.
 March 8, 2016 - Alumni Association's Slice of MIT


 Camilo Ruiz named 2016 Gates Cambridge Scholar
 Camilo Ruiz, an MIT senior from Zeta Psi, is one of 35 American
 students to be awarded this year’s competitive Gates Cambridge
                                        February 29, 2016 - MIT News

 Co-Founder of Dropbox Founder Shares how his Fraternity
 Prepared Him

 Drew Houston '05 shares his story about how being Rush Chair
 for his fraternity helped him gain valuble management experience.
                                      Video - YouTube
                                        October 28, 2015 - MIT Alumni Association

 Student-Run Amphibious Achievement Receives Grant from
 484 Phi Alpha Foundation

 Sigma Alpha Epsilon's charitable foundation funds an exceptional
 student-created and student-run community program.
 Features: Carl King ’65 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Charlotte Keeley ’17
                                      Sigma Kappa, Bob Ferrara ’67 Theta Chi
                                        October 5, 2015 - DSL News

 AILG Sponsors Back Bay West Neighborhood Gathering
 Beta Theta Pi Fraternity opens home and hosts barbeque to forge
 relationships with neighbors.
 September 24, 2015 - DSL News


 MIT FSILGs Donate to Salvation Army and Goodwill
 Members of the IFCl take advantage of week/move-in period to hold a clothing drive, collecting 90 bags in donations.
 Features Lee Mount ’18 CP, Dave Dellal ’17 Tom Holtey ’62 CP
 September 23, 2015

 THE FIRST YEAR: Sisterly Beginnings
 A change of heart during recruitment.
                                        September 17, 2015 - The Tech

 This Century-Old MIT Fraternity House is Being Recognized
 for its Super Fancy Rennovation 

 The restoration of Sigma Chi's Beacon Street home.
 September 15, 2015 - RealEstate (Boston Globe)

 Preservation in Unexpected Places: A Shining Example in the
 Back Bay

 Sigma Chi is recognized for maintaining the history of their home.
 September 8, 2015 - Boston Preservation Alliance

 Greek Life
 Photos from MIT FSILGs.
 September 2015 - DSL Flickr



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