Mission & Goals


The MIT Association of Independent Living Groups will:

  • Assist our member FSILGs to teach values and life skills that are complementary to the MIT educational curriculum.
  • Be a presence at MIT, to represent and be a voice for the FSILG system and its alumni.
  • Provide tools to improve our FSILG member groups.
  • Promote diversity of choice of residence for students within the FSILG community.
  • Promote FSILG group responsibility and accountability.

Annual Goals

The AILG Goals for 2017-2018 are:

  1. Increase the number of AILG and FSILG volunteers 
    • Conduct a recruitment event for younger alumni 
    • Develop tools for remote participation by volunteers 
    • Conduct a new volunteer orientation session
  2. Revisit and complete the Member Support Program 
  3. Increase community interaction with faculty
    • Conduct a faculty focus group 
    • Engage with current and potential Heads of House 
    • Engage with new faculty members 
  4. In partnership with the FSILG Office, produce an annual Community Benefits report.
  5. Engage with MITAA to strengthen the AILG’s Affinity Group status 
    • Complete the MITAA formal affinity group process 
    • Get an FSILG/AILG feature in the MITAA website, Alumni Newsletter, Slice of MIT, Parents’ Association Newsletter
    • Connect with MIT Communications team to get an FSILG/AILG feature on the MIT home page 
  6. Complete and adopt the Relationship Agreement