The AILG-IT Committee has established two phone numbers for each organization, listed in the table below.  Please note these numbers are assigned, but some may not be active yet. That is the responsibility of each FSILG. For information on how to activate them, please see the note that appears after the table.

If you are unable to reach any of these organizations via the phone number below, please call the Community Relations Neighbor Support Line at (617) 324-1428 for assistance.

The table above is designed so that it can be embedded live into other web pages, and will be kept up to date by the AILG IT committee. See for instructions.

We anticipate that the house corporation number will be used as an emergency contact number (e.g. to reach a responsible person if something goes wrong while the building is empty), and the undergraduate number will be available for day-to-day operations (e.g. for receiving deliveries, or as a contact number during rush). Please adhere to this convention, as it will allow the new telephone numbers to be integrated with other systems in the future.

Each telephone number may be configured to forward to several other numbers, either simultaneously or sequentially. There is no cost for the forwarding service. While there is no need to have a physical phone, member organizations may purchase telephones from the FSILG Cooperative Inc (FCI) for $100 per phone. There is no limit to the number of telephones which may be purchased, and both the undergraduate and alumni numbers will be available on every telephone. Contact for information on purchasing phones. They must be physically connected to a wired drop in your house to function.

The primary management portal for your telephone numbers is Each organization’s listed network contacts have been added as the initial owners of your telephone lines. If you are a network contact, your two numbers will automatically appear when you visit the management portal. This is how you will find out what your new telephone numbers are. The full list of telephone numbers will also be shared with MIT, the FCI, and the AILG IT committee. If you have not been keeping your network contacts up to date, you can email David Lawrence at to gain access to your account. Documentation for the management portal is available at:

John Covert
Member, AILG IT Committee
617 324-8259