AILG Facilities Committee Meeting May 4, 2022 10 am via Zoom


Committee Members: Tom Stohlman, chairman, Tom Holtey, Larry Stabile, Bob Ferrara, Ernie Sabine, Bill Tsacoyeanes, Patrick McCabe, Peter Cooper
MIT: Pam Gannon DSL
FCI: Scott Klemm, Josh Schuler BSF

Minutes of 4/6 meeting approved with changes.

Chairman Stohlman wants a signed contract for the BSF by July 1.

Pam reported for DSL that there has been an uptick in COVID cases and that MIT is recommending masking.


BSF Report

SLI Report

Josh mentioned that inspector focusing on emergency light and exit sign functionality, sprinkler spare heads and wrench, duct cleaning, fire escape affidavits.

Scott discussed progress on SLI Dashboard. Work of SLI Dashboard Subcommittee continues.

In Facility Concerns, Boston inspector concerned with smoke detector manipulation.

Next meeting Wed June 1 10:00 am.

Notes by Peter Cooper