AILG Facilities Committee Meeting July 13, 2022 10:00 am via Zoom


Committee members: Tom Stohlman, Chairman, Larry Stabile, Bob Ferrara, Ernie Stabile, Tom Holtey, Patrick McCabe, Peter Cooper
MIT: Pam Gannon, Liz Jason, DSL, Dennis Collins, Housing
FCI: Scott Klemm, Josh Schuler, BSF

Minutes of June 1 meeting accepted.

Chairman: no report.

DSL: Pam and Liz report pre-COVID normal.

BSF: Discussed new Boston requirements to do 5 year sprinkler inspection with inserted camera. Confirmed preferred Boston inspection after rush Sept 14.

BSF Report

SLI Report

Old Busines

BSF Contract signed by Eric Cigan, AILG Treasurer. He noted that SLI Spec is out of date and should be updated by year end.
Sub-committee named to discuss House Manager Training.

New Busines

Attendees of AILG Retreat reviewed their take-aways. (Slides are on the website) Connecting to today's students; raising standards for FSILG facilities; can we tie rents to MIT dorm rents? Challenge to accommodate Alumni House managers that are not local.
Goals for next year will be culled at next meeting.
Chairman, Stohlman discussed his end of service in that role.
Secretary, Cooper, discussed his end of service in the role (8+ years). Successors sought for both.

Next Meeting Wednesday August 3, 2022.

Notes by Peter Cooper