FSILG Village Archive

FSILG Village Archive

West Campus Village Steering Committee
The West Campus Village Steering Committee guided this effort from 2015 to mid-2017 and these are the members:
Stephen DeFalco ’83 SM’88, Committee Chair; Steve Baker ’84 MAR’88, AILG Chair; David Dellal ’17, former IFC President; Pamela Gannon ’84, Parent ’16, ’18, AILG Parent Outreach Chair; Prof. Karen Gleason '82, Associate Provost; Caitlyn Mason ’17, former Panhel President; Pravina Samaratunga ’18, LGC Speaker; Bob Ferrara ’67, Senior Director, Division of Student Life. As of January, 2017, two new members joined the Committee, Panhel President Ayo Fatunde '18, and IFC President, Robert Binkowski '18.

The West Campus Village Steering Committee generally met monthly, and minutes from their meetings are HERE.

The major focus of the committee was to complete and submit a Phase 1 report to MIT's senior administration and the FSILG community by the end of the Spring Term, 2017.  This report documents what has been learned so far and offers specific recommendations on how to begin a Concept Phase, which includes those FSILGs who are interested in moving into a West Campus Village. There were three Working Groups which have studied develop various aspects of the initiative:
1) The Benchmarking Group sought to learn from similar efforts at other universities. HERE is their final report.
2) The Sustainability Group examined finances and related data
3) The Student Design Group focused on creating space that is appealing to students

Key Documents from 2016
Here are a few documents that further explain this initiative:
- Update of July 28, 2016 for MIT Alumni Association staff
- Email of July 14, 2016 to Faculty who are MIT alumni/ae encouraging their involvement.
- Letter of April 25, 2016 to the FSILG Community outlines the goals and summarizes progress to date.
- Presentation to the AILG Plenary on April 13, 2016 provides even more detail.
Presentation to the Panhel April 2016 is similar to those presented to IFC and the LGC.
- The plan for the East Side of the MIT campus (Kendall Square) is a model for the ultimate result of the West Campus planning effort, which we hope will incorporate this FSILG Village.

Key Documents from 2015

Presentation at AILG Plenary on FSILG Village – Sept 16, 2015

Here are documents that were shared with West Campus Planning Team (Jim May, Melissa Shakro, and Dennis Swinford) at a meeting on September 1, 2015:

  1. FSILG Village Task Force Draft Recommendation-8-31
  2. FSILG Village Task Force organization
  3. FSILG Village Task Force – Facility Design 2015-08

Documents from before 2015

A. Some thoughts from Steve DeFalco on key “FSILG Village” questions

B. To get the conversation started, an April 23, 2014 gathering was convened to get the key issues on the table. Here are some documents from that meeting:

  1. Agenda for April 23 FSILG Discussion
  2. An Assessment of FSILGs
  3. MIT Fraternity Thoughts
  4. FSILG Strategic Plan summary

C. Here is a 2009 Residential_Life_map showing the location of the FSILGs.

D. Here is a 2009 Chapter Assessment of the FSILGs, formerly used by the FSILG Office used to share knowledge.

E. Here are documents produced in 2006 Study conducted by architect Julia Nugent at the request of Steve Immerman:

1. FSILG Relocation Presentation – October 25, 2006

2. FSILG Relocation final report – June, 2008

3. FSILG Relocation scope proposal – April 19, 2006

4. FSILG Relocation 2006 survey and scenarios

F. Finally, here are two documents relative to Amherst Alley Beautification initiative back in 2008-09. This was a student-and-alumni-driven initiative It led to much improved trash collection and some design efforts by students, though the design goals were never realized.

  1. Amherst Alley booklet-2009
  2. Amherst Alley Presentation Slides