Acronym Guide

MIT, like any other complex institution, has evolved a rich body of acronyms. The central MIT list is HERE, and below is a list of acronyms that are used in the MIT FSILG community.

AILG - Association of Independent Living Groups

BDF - Basic Data Form used in AILG Accreditation peer review process

BLB - Boston Licensing Board

CLC - Cambridge Licensing Commission

DSL - Division of Student Life 

FCI - FSILG Cooperative, Inc. 

FSILGs - Fraternities, Sororities and Independent Living Groups

GRA - Graduate Resident Advisor

IFC - Interfraternity Council 

ILGs - Independent Living Groups 

IRDF - Independent Residence Development Fund

LGC - Living Group Council 

NABB - Neighborhood Association of Back Bay

Panhel - Panhellenic Association

SPGH - Society for the Preservation of Greek Housing

VOIP - Voice Over IP

WILG - Women's Independent Living Group