AILG COVID-19 Updates

MIT updates sent to students can be found here.

May 26

April 14

April 9

  • FSILG alum corporations should fill out a reimbursement application by April 15.
  • Applications include:
    • Housing and Food Expense Reimbursement Pass-Through Agreement signed by the house corporation [choose either the editable .docx OR print, write in, and scan in the pdf
    • List of students
    • Documentation of housing and food expenses, which may include lease, house bill, student housing agreement, spring semester budget, or formal organizational email.
  • Text of email.

March 27

  • MIT is supporting the FSILG community by providing reimbursements for pro-rated spring housebills, analogous to the dorm reimbursements.
  • Because different houses handle billing differently and are at different points in their housebill collection process, MIT will work with each group.
  • Reimbursements will go from MIT to the house corporations, and the house corporations will work with the student members to provide refunds or credits as appropriate.
  • House corporations should fill out the form here to begin the reimbursmeent process.
  • Text of email from AILG.

March 15

  • MIT is asking FSILG undergrads with individual exemptions to relocate into dorm rooms. Graduated students may remain in FSILGs.
  • MIT plans to assist FSILGs with housebill reimbursements and physical security concerns during the low occupancy period.
  • Students who need financial help with travel expenses or other emergency funding should apply.
  • Text of email from AILG.

March 13

  • Financial questions will not be answered until after student move-out, as that is the highest priority right now.
  • Submit questions using this form.
  • Letter from the UA.
  • Letter from the Chancellor.
  • Text of email from AILG/FSILG Office.

March 12

  • Alum corporations, please fill out this survey.
  • Submit questions using this form.
  • FSILG move-out FAQ.
  • FSILG move-out guidance.
  • Text of email sent by AILG Board.