Annual Housebill Analysis

Annual Housebill Analysis

Historically, the AILG conducted an annual Housebill Analysis study to help provide data that may assist AILG members in making informed decisions about the operation of their individual houses. This data included both operating expense data as well as comparative housebill data, aimed at helping to answer questions such as:

  • Is our house paying more than average for a given operating expense (e.g. electricity, trash pickup, etc.)?
  • How does the cost of living in our house compare to living in the dorms or the average FSILG?

The Housebill Survey is now being conducted by the FCI. Previous reports from the committee have been placed in your group’s individual FCI locker (see below for details).

Previous years’ results and surveys can be found below:

2014 Housebill Survey results and 2014 Housebill Survey Final Report

2013 Housebill Survey Final Report

2012 Housebill Survey Final Report

2011 Housebill Survey Final Report

2010 Housebill Survey Final Report

2009 Housebill Survey Final Report

The results of the all Housebill Surveys are distributed to each house’s online FCI document locker, which you can find by logging in at: (If you are unsure of your username / password, contact Scott Klemm at Located in the “Other Documents” section of your locker you should find:

  • 20xx AILG Housebill Analysis – Full Report” – the full report containing all charts, narrative and anonymous, summarized data
  • 20xx AILG Housebill Analysis” – a personalized report for your own organization that details your own organization’s data