August 10 email

All-- My apologies for the long time between Community Update installments. Now that we have more clarity on the summer and fall, expect a new update on Mondays through the end of the month.

Financial support:

As previously announced, MIT will be providing financial support to the FSILGs for summer and fall expenses. House corporations will receive reimbursement for fixed operating expenses, including: lease/mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, inspections, and regularly scheduled maintenance. The details are being developed and we expect that applications and guidelines will be issued in the next couple of weeks. Please contact Pam Gannon ( with any questions.


Remember, no undergrads or guests are allowed in FSILG residences unless in a coordinated fashion for pickup of student belongings with an alum or GRA present. Undergrads or guests are also not permitted to stay overnight.

The AILG Board will schedule an open Q&A meeting for later this month, before the semester begins. Stay tuned!


A formal procedure for undergrads to move their belongings from their FSILG to their fall residence, whether that be on- or off-campus, is in development.

For those students who choose to return to the Greater Boston Area to take remote classes, be aware that they cannot arrange “unofficial” chapter housing! There is no insurance coverage for any events that might take place in individual apartments.

We’ve received questions about what dining and meal plans will look like in the dormitories. MIT Dining is working on this communication for the near future.

There have also been many questions about recruitment. Recruitment is largely an undergraduate function and the Councils have been hard at work crafting plans for the fall and beyond. Talk to your undergraduate president and recruitment chair for more information.

Connect with your undergraduates in general to understand their fall plans. Seniors have until the end of the month to accept their on-campus housing assignment without penalty.

Other links and resources:

As always, feel free to contact me directly or use this form to submit questions for next week’s update.

Akil J. Middleton '08, S.M. '10
Zeta Psi Fraternity
Chair, AILG Board