August 27 email

Hi FSILG friends and stakeholders,

We are happy to announce that applications are open for FSILGs to receive support for summer and fall 2020 expenses.

As you are likely aware, MIT is committed to supporting the FSILGs while the residences are closed to undergraduate students due to COVID-19. Financial support will be provided for certain expenses covering the period from June 1 to December 31, 2020. Eligible expenses include mortgage/lease, property taxes, insurance, utilities, inspections and regularly-scheduled maintenance. If a house corporation utilizes a professional property management service during this time, that fee is reimbursable up to $1000/month. 

Each house corporation will need to complete and sign the FSILG Operating Expense Reimbursement Agreement. Detailed application instructions and a worksheet are attached; please note that documentation is required for some expenses. Applications are due on September 15, 2020, and should include a completed and signed agreement, completed worksheet, and other supporting documentation. Funds will be distributed on a rolling basis following review and approval. The corporation will need to follow up with a reconciliation process in January 2021. If you have questions, please contact Pam Gannon at

We would like to thank the many FSILG alums who assisted in the development and review of this process, along with members of the MIT Division of Student Life and Office of the Vice President for Finance for collaborating on this endeavor. We are grateful for this generous support from MIT to our FSILG community.

Best regards,

Akil Middleton ’08, Chair, AILG Board of Directors
Pamela Gannon ’84, Director of FSILG Alumni Programs, Division of Student Life