AILG Accreditation Program

In 2019 and 2020, the AILG Accreditation Program was re-envisioned and transformed. The current version of the program is the Peer Visit Program.

Historic AILG Accreditation Program


The Accreditation Program is an organized review of the living groups within the MIT Fraternity, Sorority, and Independent Living Group (FSILG) community. The program has two main objectives:

  1. to provide the MIT administration with a multi-dimensional evaluation of the health of each MIT FSILG chapter, and
  2. to create a forum for the AILG, the alumni leaders of MIT FSILG house corporations and advisory boards, and the undergraduates to actively discuss and exchange ideas on improving the FSILG community.

We are not aware of any effort close to this scale on other campuses, and believe the Accreditation Program is an important element in developing MIT’s FSILG community and deepening the partnership between alumni, MIT, and the undergraduates that has characterized this community.

Our official contact is with each FSILG’s alumni organization. As the AILG, the association of the alumni of FSILGs at MIT, our formal dialogue is with our members: the alumni representatives. To streamline the scheduling process, we contact both alumni and undergraduate officers, and both alumni and undergraduates are encouraged to ask questions of and communicate with the Accreditation Coordinator, to participate in the preparation of response forms, and to be present at the reviews. All “official responses” are always expected to be from the alumni officers, who are required to be at the reviews and expected to provide advice to and oversight of the undergraduate participants.

One result from accreditation is a recommendation to the Dean of Student Life. Currently, there are three options: recommended for accreditation, recommended for accreditation with reservations, and not recommended for accreditation. Reservations are reviewers’ concerns that should be addressed by the living group. Action based on the recommendation is purely at the discretion of the Dean’s office.


The program is overseen by an Accreditation Committee, a subcommittee of the AILG, which is chaired by Herman Marshall, John Covert serves as the Accreditation Coordinator, providing staff support for the process. John can reached at


The Accreditation Committee generates an end-of-year report.  The most recent report is available here: 2016-2017 Report 2014-15_Accreditation_Report.


September 2016 Report to the Plenary

Oct 2016 Report_to the AILG Board


The Accreditation Committee meets on the first Monday of every month at 3pm in W59-200.


For current scheduling and documents, please go to the Accreditation Coordinator’s web page.

Reports from previous years

Meeting minutes


If you would like to become involved or have any questions, please feel free to write to John Covert, Accreditation Coordinator, at