Facilities Committee

"MIT and the Association of Independent Living Groups (AILG) expect that all FSILG houses will be safe, secure, clean, comfortable, conducive to learning, proactively managed, and appropriately inspected and licensed."

Here is a list of Facilities Committee policies and guidelines. 
Here is the Handout from the August 26 Student House Manager Training. This is a list useful best practices, checklists, and contacts for undergraduate house managers and others.
Also, FSILGs may wish to use an attestation form for contractor visits. Here are WORD and PDF versions

The AILG Facilities committee provides assistance to houses in meeting their facilities-related responsibilities.  Your main source for information in this regard is the Facilities Committee's House Manager's Manual. This manual is kept up to date and includes what you need to know about maintenance, inspections, and policies. 

A service specifically involving inspections is offered to houses by the AILG, the SLI (Safety, Licensing, and Inspections) Program, This offers assistance to houses to ensure they are ready to meet the requirements of municipal codes and associated inspections.

Policies, Guides, and Archives

The Facilities Assessment Program was a professional engineering evaluation of all houses with respect to their immediate and long-term physical needs regarding infrastructure and safety.

For other policies and more, go HERE.


New volunteers are always welcome. As of September 2020 meetings are by Zoom on the first Wednesday of each month at 10:00am Eastern Time. Contact  Tom Stohlman, Chair:  tstohlman@alum.mit.edu

Notes from previous meetings can be found HERE.