FSILG Facilities Renewal Committee

The FSILG Facilities Renewal Committee has been formed to oversee and facilitate coordination of FSILG facilities renewal. The committee is comprised of members of the AILG, DSL, and FCI. This initiative is a collaborative effort of FSILG alums and MIT.

Committee Charge: to promote and support implementation of the physical renewal of the Fraternities, Sororities and Independent Living Groups (FSILGs) to ensure they remain vital and vibrant resources to MIT by implementing the recommendations of the 2018 Facilities Assessment

Members of the Committee
Pamela Gannon ’84, Chair; Director of FSILG Alumni Programs, DSL, IRDF Grant Advisory Board
Eric Cigan '83, AILG Treasurer
Tom Stohlman ’76, ’77, MAR ’78, AILG Facilities Committee Chair
Josh Schuler SM '00, Building Safety Facilitator, FCI Director of Facilities
Bob Ferrara ’67, AILG IT Committee Co-Chair
Scott Klemm, Executive Director, FSILG Cooperative, Inc. (FCI)
Brad Badgley, Associate Dean and Director of FSILGs, DSL
David Friedrich, Senior Associate Dean, Housing and Residential Services, DSL

Presentations to the AILG Plenary
April 2021
November 2019
September 2019
April 2019
November 2018
September 2018

Email to the FSILG community November 2019
Email to the FSILG community November 2018

Ad-hoc committee and charge approved at the AILG Board meeting 11-1-2018.

Contact Facilities Renewal Committee Chair, Pam Gannon, (pmgannon@mit.edu) for more information.