Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is a relatively new AILG committee that was established in early 2022 by the AILG Board. The commmittee's role is to better publicize and formalize what had historically been a very ad-hoc process in finding candiates for leadership roles on the AILG Board, Ombuspersons, and the various AILG committees. Here is the current charge and committee membership. 

Charge: In the spring of each year the Committee shall: 
-Contact all existing board member & committee chairs to see if they wish to continue in their roles
-Publicize opportunities via and other means, including outreach to former & current IFC, Panhel, and LGC leaders
-Solicit and identify potential candidates for AILG Board, Ombudspeople, and AILG Committee chairs
-Discuss possible opportunities and position responsibilities with interested candidates
-Present candidates for the AILG Board & Ombudspeople roles at the AILG Annual Meeting.

Members: Bob Ferrara ‘67 chair,; Steve Baker ‘84; Kim Hunter '86

If you have any interest in a Board or Ombudsperson role, or becoming more involved in any of the AILG Committees, please feel free to reach out to any the members of the Nominating Committee or the AILG Board.