Peer Visit Program Committee

The AILG Peer Visit Program Committee will be conducting pilot visits (virtual) and will begin regular visits in Spring 2022. 

This program is a successor to the AILG Accreditation Program, which began operation in 2007. In 2019, the AILG board decided that the Accreditation process itself needed some review. An Accreditation Review Group was formed and we set out to rethink and redesign the program to respond to today’s times and challenges.Now we are pleased to present the new Peer Visit Program.

“What’s new and different?” you ask. 

What’s out?

No more Basic Data Form (BDF). This form was too long and detailed for the new Peer Visit focus.  We decided that a shorter and more open-ended set of questions would serve better as a basis for peer visit conversation.  

No more Accreditation.  No longer will we “recommend”, “recommend with reservations”, or “not recommend” that an organization be accredited. This is no longer a necessary role for the program.

What’s still in?

Alum Leadership.  We will still have teams of alum volunteers who visit each of the FSILGs and meet with the alum and undergraduate leadership.  They will write a summary of their visit. The FSILG may edit the summary before it is forwarded to the AILG Peer Review Committee and the FSILG Office.

What’s new?

Focus on Support.  The new program will be focused on Peer Support, particularly support for the alum organizations of each FSILG.  In advance of the visit, each FSILG will fill out a short Peer Visit Questionnaire, which will help frame the discussion during the visit.  Organizations are encouraged to set some goals and the Peer Visit Teams will offer assistance if they can.  Assistance might come in the form of referrals to various alum peers, MIT, AILG, IRDF, or FCI resources, or it might come in the form of discussion of best practices that an organization can consider adopting. 

What’s next?

We are asking for patience from everyone as we roll out the new process.  We will monitor and adjust as necessary the peer reviews as we make the first annual visit to all the FSILGs.  We will contact you shortly regarding scheduling your visit.

This approach described above is embodied the PVP Questionnaire. Please know that comments and critiques of this document are welcome any time. If you would like to be among the first FSILGs to participate or for more information, please contact either of the Committee Co-Chairs Roy Russell and Mary Linton Peters: and The committee email is