FSILG Networking & Communication

Stayed Connected to FSILG Peers

The Alumni Association has several tools to get and stay connected with chapter alumni through numerous communication vehicles driven by the Association’s database.

1. Alumni Directory
The Association’s Online Alumni Directory, with its advanced search capabilities, is an extremely powerful alumni networking tool. Search it by living group, geographic area, volunteer role, or other criteria to locate a select group of alumni-and their contact information-in a matter of seconds.

2. Chapter mailing lists
The Association has set up mailing lists for each chapter that are regenerated and repopulated regularly with email addresses from the Association’s database. Chapter alumni are encouraged to maintain their contact information through the Online Alumni Directory so that updated emails can be incorporated automatically into the chapter mailing list. All lists are moderated, meaning that any email to the list must come from or be approved by one of a small number of editors, usually alumni house corporation or advisory board members. Many chapters are now using this approach for broadcast emails to their alums. House corporation officers can contact Marilyn Finlay to get enrolled and begin using their mailing lists.

3.Member and volunteer reports
House corporation officers can now obtain a variety of reports from the Alumni Association database to aid in member identification, volunteer recruitment, event planning, or fundraising. House Corporation assistance in maintaining this data is essential. Chapters conducting an initial data cleanup will find the database a robust and flexible reporting tool. Please note that this data is considered sensitive and can only be used for chapter and MIT purposes.

Corporation officers can request the following reports for their chapter by filling out an FSILG data request form:

  • Member report: all chapter members of record (including deceased)
  • Chapter volunteer report: all current or past alumni corporation volunteers
  • MIT all volunteer report: all chapter members who volunteer for any MIT activity (useful for identifying new alumni corporation volunteers)
  • Demographic report: a collection of interesting data about the chapter

4. Telethons
Subject to availability, an FSILG may reserve the Alumni Association’s call center for special occasions. Some training is required. Please contact Rosheen Kavanagh to request use of the call center.