The AILG Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 11 at the MIT Welcome Center in Kendall Square. HERE is the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2025. Please encourage new (and old) FSILG alumni board members to subscribe to the AILG mailing list to receive news and meeting links.

One important agenda item for the Annual Meeting is the proposed revision to the AILG Bylaws, as outlined in this communication from Vice Chair Cecilia Stuopis that follows:
Dear MIT Member Organizations,

During the 2023-2024 academic year, the AILG Board of Directors has undertaken a comprehensive review of our current corporate Bylaws. The Bylaws were originally filed in 2007 and have not been revised since that time. Our goal in this work was ensure that the Bylaws reflect the actual practices of the AILG, best practices for non-profit governance, and that the language is inclusive and understandable.

Please find 3 documents. The first is a redline version of the Bylaws  which shows in detail what revisions have been proposed. At the beginning of this document, there is a summary page that explains what has changed in each section. The second document is a clean version of the redline document. This document, if approved, will be the Bylaws for the AILG going forward. The third document contains the proposed motionfor consideration at the annual meeting, along with a short explanation of the process.

Changes to our Bylaws require 1) a 30-day notice period (which commences today), and 2) a two-thirds affirmative vote from the member organizations. Thus, it is extremely important that your organization sends a representative to the annual meeting (either in person or via Zoom) to cast the vote for your organization. If this email has reached you and you are no longer the representative for your organization, please forward this email on to the appropriate person and let Anya Kattef (anyak@mit.edu) know so that we may update our distribution list.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who have provided edits and input to the version now being presented. The collaborative nature of this work, including at the last plenary, the most recent Board meeting and asynchronously, has yielded a governance document that we believe meets the goals we had at the start of this process.

Please reach out to me or any AILG Board member if you have any questions.

Sincerely,  Cecilia Stuopis, Alpha Chi Omega '90
Vice Chair of the AILG Board of Directors, on behalf of the Board