July 7 email

Hi all-- This update will focus on the Fall heading:


MIT has officially made its decision on the fall semester. Here is the letter from Pres. Reif along with a very extensive FAQ (and also a Tech article, which you may have stumbled upon early this morning). The main points:

  • Only rising seniors will be allowed to return to campus in the fall (with case-by-case exceptions)
  • As it stands, only first years, sophomores, and juniors will be allowed to return in the spring
  • All students who wish to come onto campus will have to live in on-campus housing
  • All FSILGs will be closed to undergraduates, but will be reimbursed for lost income

You undoubtedly have a flurry of questions. The AILG Board and committees will be working hard to get you FSILG-specific answers, so once again I ask for your patience. However please be aware that our community is in an excellent place to handle this situation, thanks in large part to the work done by the FSILG Ops Team working groups. As I've said before, these groups will soon be reconvening to come up with plans for implementation.


Speaking of the Ops Team work, Suzie Nelson told us this morning that its summary report was a key driver in the decision as it affected FSILGs: factors taken into account included the financial impact (hence the commitment to a reimbursement), the burden of maintaining health and safety on both students and alums, and even the difficulty of a fall recruitment. In short, the decision was absolutely made with the long-term health of the FSILG Community in mind.


Regarding that summary report, my apologies for the delay in getting it posted. It had to go through a few reviews and revisions, and we are aiming to get it on the AILG website by tomorrow afternoon. We will send another notice when that happens.


Lastly, please use this form to submit general questions: https://forms.gle/2AoRGWZruwvzwWMH7



Thanks for all your support!

Akil J. Middleton '08, S.M. '10
Zeta Psi Fraternity
Chair, AILG Board