June 12 email

Dear recently graduated MIT FSILG alumni/ae,

Congratulations to all those seniors who recently graduated—you’re now an official alumna/alumnus and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the years to come!  We know this was a challenging spring semester! 


We can now follow-up specifically with you regarding a process to retrieve personal belongings if you happened to have left behind some items in your FSILG during the March move-out.


The AILG Facilities Committee, FCI, and the FSILG Office collaboratively developed the following process for those seniors who lived in FSILGs and graduated in May or will graduate in September 2020 and still need to collect belongings from their FSILG.  Please make sure you read this email and the attached approval and retrieval process in it’s entirety as health and safety are paramount during the packing and moving of your belongings.


Please see the attached AILG Facilities Access and Retrieval Guide.  MIT Covid-19 policies as well as state and local municipality policies must be adhered to at all times as part of this process.  Please also reference MIT Medical’s FAQ page for additional resources regarding Covid-19.


See below for the steps for the approval and retrieval process:


Step 1:  Approval Required First from Your Alum Leadership


You will note that the attached process outlined requires initial engagement and approval of the alumni/ae leadership of your respective fraternity, sorority, or independent living group prior to being able to retrieve your belongings at a mutually agreed upon date with them prior to filling out the FSILG Office Notification GoogleForm.


Step 2: Once you receive approval from the Alum Leadership of your fraternity, sorority, or independent living group to retrieve your belongings, fill out the FSILG Office GoogleForm within a minimum one-week timeframe of the approval date to retrieve belongings.


As noted on the FSILG Office Notification GoogleForm, please allow the FSILG Office a minimum of one-week timeframe from you filling out the FSILG Office GoogleForm to confirm we’ve received notification on our end.  This will allow the FSILG Office time to communicate and inform any currently approved graduate students or GRAs residing in the FSILG as well as notify the MIT PD of your approved date of retrieval.   


This process has also been shared with the alumni/ae leadership of your houses so that everyone is on the same page. Please let us know if you do not know who your alum leadership is or if you have difficulty connecting with them. We will help facilitate communications with your alum leadership and assist in coordinating with them for a solution.


As noted in the attached:


  • Overnight stays are not permitted and per previous communications and MIT policy, no undergraduates are allowed to access the FSILGs until further notice.
  • Masks and gloves shall be worn at all times by those moving their belongings out of the building. Social distancing with any currently approved graduate residents in the FSILG must also be adhered to.


Additional notes:


  • Ensure that the door is properly locked and shut after departure from the property. The MIT PD are doing regular checks on the properties as part of the enhanced security checks by MIT.
  • For those individuals that want to have items shipped or donated, please work with your Alum House Corporation to see if this is a viable option for you.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation on this approval and retrieval process. We appreciate your partnership on these complex issues.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the FSILG Office via email at fsilg-office@mit.edu.


In gratitude and health,

The FSILG Office, FCI, and the AILG Facilities Committee


Brad Badgley