June 19 email


On June 12th, the AILG Facilities Committee, FCI, and FSILG Office contacted your most recent graduates with policies and guidelines for retrieving their belongings from their houses. The message and document can be found here. Please get in touch with your newest alums to make sure you’re all on the same page.


Also on June 12th, the MIT Team 2020 released its full report on possibilities for the fall; the landing page is here. The full report is a website that requires MIT certificates, but we will link to the summary slides on the AILG website version of this email.

More recently, President Reif gave an update on June 17th re: initial decisions about the fall. Please be aware that most of the content related to student life was already known and/or assumed by the AILG Board and its committees, the FSILG Ops Team, and the student councils. One new piece of information was the ruling-out of the three-semester model, but this actually comes as a relief. Regarding the bullet that reads: “Every undergraduate living on campus will have an individual room, to allow for physical distancing”, this is explicitly about students in dormitories. The FSILG Ops Team working groups are investigating solutions that will fit our diversity of residences.

On that note, the FSILG Ops Team will report its Phase 1 work to VP/Dean Suzie Nelson shortly, and will post its findings for all to see soon afterward. As I mentioned before, the working groups will reconvene after MIT makes its final decision to work on implementation. You can still submit ideas and inquiries to fsilg-ops-team-feedback@mit.edu.

FSILG Reimbursements

All reimbursement checks have been sent out. If you have not received your check, or if you have not yet submitted a list of students and amount of rebate or credit, contact Pam Gannon ASAP (pmgannon@mit.edu).


"Wednesday at Noon" open Zoom calls continue to be hosted by the AILG Facilities Committee and FCI. These calls focus on facilities issues and best practices regarding maintenance and building management during the pandemic.

Upcoming Meetings

As a reminder, the AILG Annual Meeting is this upcoming Tuesday, June 23rd at 6:30pm ET (Zoom link to follow). Cecilia Stuopis, Director of MIT Medical and Vice-chair of the AILG Board, will be our keynote speaker. The meeting will also include the annual report, an overview of Ops Team work, budget approval, and election of new Board members and ombudspersons.

Please contact me if you are interested in serving on the AILG Board or as an AILG Ombudsperson. If you plan on running, be prepared to deliver a brief statement during the election.

The next Facilities call will be June 24th at 12pm ET (https://mit.zoom.us/j/96051952884, password: FSILG)

FSILG Best Practices

How is your organization handling life under the present circumstances? Email your best practices to share with the community to Eric Cigan (ecigan@gmail.com) and Roy Russell (roy@alum.mit.edu), chairs of the Peer Visit Program Committee.

Other MIT and MIT Med Updates

Until this week I was unaware of the work being done by MIT IDSS related to the pandemic. There is a lot of good research re: social distancing, masks, and use of common spaces. Definitely take a look!

MIT’s COVID-19 Info Center: https://covid19.mit.edu/

MIT Medical updates: https://medical.mit.edu/news/2020/01/2019-novel-coronavirus-updates-1



Akil J. Middleton '08, S.M. '10
Zeta Psi Fraternity
Chair, AILG Board