June 5 email


The AILG Facilities Committee has been working with the FSILG Office to establish guidelines for retrieval of student belongings from their houses. Stay tuned!

The FSILG Ops Team working groups are up and running, and they are scheduled to have their “Phase 1” reports completed by the middle of next week. Phase 1 consists of high-level, high-priority guidance corresponding to the spectrum of return scenarios that MIT is considering. After MIT selects a return option, the working groups will reconvene to consider specific implementation methods.

You can still submit general ideas and inquiries to fsilg-ops-team-feedback@mit.edu.

FSILG Reimbursements

The deadline to submit a list of students, amount of rebate or credit, and date was May 31, 2020. If your organization has not yet completed this final step in the reimbursement process, please get in touch with Pam Gannon (pmgannon@mit.edu) ASAP.


Weekly "Wednesday at Noon" open Zoom calls continue to be hosted by the AILG Facilities Committee and FCI (https://mit.zoom.us/j/96051952884, password: FSILG). These calls focus on facilities issues and best practices regarding maintenance and building management during the pandemic. This is a good forum for questions related to retrieving belongings from your houses.

The BSF is visiting all FSILGs, so please get on Joshua's schedule (jschuler@fsilg.coop) if your house has not been visited already. These visits are to check on egress, cleanliness, and pest control.

Upcoming Meetings

Save the date: the AILG Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 23rd at 6:30pm ET. Cecilia Stuopis, Medical Director of MIT Med and Vice-chair of the AILG Board, will be our keynote speaker. The meeting will also include the annual report, budget approval, and election of new Board members and ombudspersons. 

The next Facilities call will be June 10th at 12pm ET (https://mit.zoom.us/j/96051952884, password: FSILG).


FSILG Best Practices


Organize a rotation of alums who can take regular visits to the house, spending serious time cleaning. Don't forget about refrigerators that need to be emptied, defrosted, and turned off. 


As mentors, offer regular check-ins with your undergraduates, keeping in mind how they are disconnected from their usual support groups.


Encourage your undergraduates to hold regular chapter meetings over Zoom, even over the summer months.

Send your good ideas and lessons learned to PVP chairs Eric Cigan (ecigan@gmail.com) and Roy Russell (roy@alum.mit.edu).
Other AILG updates

Many of our undergraduates are looking at various ways to participate in and contribute to the national conversation around police brutality, systemic racism, and its impacts on the Black community. Be sure to touch base with your students to see how you can help, whether it’s via donation matching or just lending an ear.

Other MIT and MIT Med Updates

MIT’s COVID-19 Info Center  https://covid19.mit.edu/

MIT Medical updates https://medical.mit.edu/news/2020/01/2019-novel-coronavirus-updates-1




Akil J. Middleton '08, S.M. '10
Zeta Psi Fraternity
Chair, AILG Board