March 12 email from AILG Board

Members of the MIT FSILG Community--


As follow-up to Tuesday’s email (3-10-2020), the AILG Board along with our partners in the FCI and FSILG Office would like to provide additional information. Our goal is to support our FSILGs as we work together to assist our students.

First, please have a member of your alum board fill out this form. The purpose is to collect contact information from each organization, which will help coordinate efforts to monitor the buildings and handle emergencies.

The FSILG Office sent an email yesterday evening to FSILG student leadership pertaining to additional updates and the move-out process (attached here for your reference). To assist, we’ve developed the attached guide/checklist for alums. Be sure to discuss this with your undergraduates so everyone is on the same page about what needs to be done before and after move-out is completed.

Additionally, please talk with your local alums to volunteer with move-out! Your undergrads will probably appreciate any help they can get with packing, moving, and cleaning. Some organizations are already reaching out to local members with a sign-up sheet for various tasks that need to be completed. This course of action is highly recommended, and I'm sure your students will appreciate it.

New Developments

Yesterday evening, Chancellor Barnhart sent a communication to the students with the exemption form and an initial list of commonly asked questions. This item stands out in particular:


How is MIT handling financial aid, housing, dining, and other student life fees?

For students leaving on-campus or FSILG housing, we will refund the actual costs for housing and meal plan on a pro-rated basis. Additionally, we will refund half the spring semester student life fee. There will be no adjustments to financial aid associated with these changes.

Obviously the financial impact has been a concern for many of us and we are pleased to see it being addressed. The AILG Board will seek further information regarding timeline and logistics and will let you know details as soon as possible.

Support Your Students

This is undoubtedly a stressful time for your undergrads, so your role as alum advisors is absolutely critical! Continue to offer your support, but be sure to remind students that the usual support mechanisms--the FSILG Office, S^3, mental health services--remain in place and should be utilized. Students receiving financial aid should contact Student Financial Services. And again, connect with your students about assisting with move-out.

Items of Future Interest

The top priority right now is to assist our undergraduates with moving out and to support them during this transition. The AILG Board and AILG committees, along with the FCI and FSILG Office, continue to be on the lookout for the extended consequences of the current situation. These include the details of financial relief, implications for summer housing, additional security mechanics, spring building inspections, and the logistics around students returning. We are planning on holding a conference call in the near future to provide an open forum for discussion. In the interim, we have created this form for you to submit questions--anonymously if you so choose--and we will compile answers into an FAQ for the community.

As we said yesterday, the situation is evolving quickly, and we will continue to keep you updated as we learn of new (and stable) developments. Keep in mind MIT posts all notices sent to the students at  

Best regards,

The AILG Board of Directors
Akil Middleton ‘08, Chair, Zeta Psi
Cecilia Stuopis ‘90, Vice-Chair, Alpha Chi Omega
Eric Cigan ‘83, Lambda Chi Alpha
Alice Leung ‘93, Secretary, Epsilon Theta
Cody Chamberlain ‘14, Phi Kappa Sigma
Tyler Kemp-Benedict ‘86, pika

And thanks to our close partners,

FSILG Office
Brad Badgley, Associate Dean & Director of FSILGs
Liz Jason, Assistant Dean of FSILGs

Division of Student Life
Pam Gannon ‘84, Director of FSILG Alumni Programs

FSILG Cooperative, Inc.
Scott Klemm, Executive Director