March 13 email

Hi FSILG alums and stakeholders,


Please see the attached notes from the MIT Chancellor and the Undergraduate Association which include information about the exception process and student storage.


MIT is posting updated Covid-19 information at:

The AILG is posting information at:


Important notes: 

1. Cambridge, Boston and Brookline FSILGs are being offered the same free storage option as the MIT residences. Students should be receiving an email around noon about how to label and register boxes. The FSILGs also have the option to store items in their houses. 

2. Questions regarding finances and reimbursement cannot be answered until after the student move-out.


You can submit questions to the AILG at: We will get to your questions as soon as possible. 


If your organization needs additional support "boots on the ground" for the move-out, please indicate this on the AILG form. 


This is an unprecedented situation for our community and for MIT. The AILG, FSILG Office, Division of Student Life, and FCI are working together to assist our students and organizations during this difficult time. Thank you for your quick and thoughtful response to support our students.


Please try to stay safe and healthy yourselves!


Akil Middelton ‘08, Chair, AILG Board of Directors

Pam Gannon ’84, Director of FSILG Alumni Programs, Division of Student Life

Brad Badgley, Associate Dean and Director of FSILGs, Division of Student Life