March 15 email

Good evening, FSILG friends and stakeholders--


We’d like to pass on important information regarding the COVID-19 situation received during a conference call we had with Suzy Nelson, Peter Cummings, Judy Robinson, and Brad Badgley this afternoon:


1. Undergraduate students--including those in FSILGs--receiving exceptions to stay at MIT will be required to live in MIT dormitories. Undergraduates need to be in a location that MIT can easily support, in particular for medical assistance and food services. That is much easier to manage with everyone in a few locations and not scattered across our cities. I understand this is a change from what you may have previously heard, but this is a consequence of the rapidly evolving situation.  


2. MIT will reimburse actual house bills on a prorated basis. The exact method will differ from organization to organization to account for the various billing procedures across our FSILG. Specifics will be addressed in the coming days; MIT will work with the house corporations and student leadership to determine how these disbursements are processed.


3. MIT will be providing assistance to FSILGs to help with security and will likely contract with a security company. The FCI may also be able to provide support in this area.


4. Graduate students, including GRAs, will be able to remain in their FSILG residence until further notice.


5. If your house corporation would like information about whether your students have received exceptions to stay on campus, please contact the FSILG Office at This information is not finalized as some exceptions are still under review and some students who have received exceptions are choosing to return home.


6. If any of your students have a financial hardship, they should visit this website for travel reimbursements and emergency funding related to COVID-19. MIT is providing generous financial support to students, whether or not they receive financial aid from MIT.


As a reminder:





We are fortunate that Cecilia Stuopis AXO ‘90, MIT Medical Director, is also a member of the AILG Board of Directors!


Thank you for your thoughtful and caring response to support our FSILG students,


Akil Middleton ‘08, Chair, AILG Board of Directors

Pam Gannon ‘84, Director of FSILG Alumni Programs, Division of Student Life