March 27 email

FSILG alum and undergraduate leadership--

We’d like to provide an update regarding the house bill reimbursements from MIT. As a reminder, in the March 12th FAQ for Students, Vice President for Student Life Suzy Nelson, Chancellor Cindy Barnhart, and Vice Chancellor Ian Waitz stated that: “For undergraduate and graduate students leaving on-campus or FSILG housing, we will refund the actual costs for housing and meal plans on a pro-rated basis.” We are grateful that MIT has committed to supporting the FSILGs in this unprecedented situation.

A team from the AILG and MIT DSL has been crafting a process for FSILG student reimbursements. The rebate is available to undergraduate and graduate students who resided in an FSILG residence and moved out of the FSILG residence; the rebate is limited to room and board expenses. Rebates will be calculated using a formula that takes into account how many students were residing in the house, the spring semester house bill, and the portion of the semester for which your house will be vacant. Please note that dues to national organizations and chapter activity/social fees are not eligible for the MIT reimbursement!

Right now, we ask that a representative from each FSILG complete this form to provide initial information. We are finalizing details for the remaining steps, but this is how things look so far:

  • AILG and DSL representatives will finalize the reimbursement formula and documentation required to receive the reimbursement. Documentation may include a list of spring residents, lease, proof of house bill, and a house bill breakdown (rent, utilities, food).
  • We will formally ask you for this documentation in a separate communication. Feel free to get a head start on this now!
  • This information will be sent to MIT to compute the total rebate for each organization. A payment will be made to the designated house corporation contact for each FSILG.
  • Each house corporation will be expected to issue payments or credits as agreed upon with their undergraduate leadership. The AILG will be in contact with each organization to ensure this process goes smoothly.

This proposal relies on the house corporations to distribute reimbursements--in collaboration with their students and chapter advisors--because we recognize that each organization has different billing processes and procedures. As such, the payments or credits to students can best be managed by that organization's members working together. Assistance from the AILG and MIT can be provided as needed.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation,

Akil Middleton ’08, Chair, AILG Board of Directors
Eric Cigan ’83, Treasurer, AILG Board of Directors
Pam Gannon ’84, Director of FSILG Alumni Programs, DSL
Brad Badgley, Associate Dean and Director of FSILGs, DSL
Peter Cummings, Executive Director for Administration, DSL
Judy Robinson, Senior Associate Dean, Residential Education & Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives, DSL