May 26 email

Members of the MIT FSILG Community--


This is the first of regular updates from the AILG Board and committees, now that things are finally calming down. We plan on collecting all major news under the headings below and sending a short summary at least every other Friday (the exception being this inaugural edition, which is out early).


Thanks for your patience over the past few months!



As Brad Badgley reiterated in a message sent to mitailg on April 27th, no undergraduates will be permitted in Institute-approved housing--which includes FSILGs--during the summer months. Some of you have reached out regarding housing for your undergraduates with Boston-area internships; we will keep you posted with any new developments on that front. We are also seeking guidance on allowing undergraduates and to-be-graduates to retrieve their belongings from their houses.



The FSILG Ops Team Steering Committee is in the final stage of assembling the Working Groups, which will craft guidance for MIT senior leadership as they consider the various options for the fall semester. Thanks to all who volunteered! Remember, you can submit general ideas and inquiries to


FSILG Reimbursements

The final group of FSILG reimbursements has been approved by the MIT Treasurer. To complete the process, organizations need to submit a list of students, amount of rebate or credit, and date, by May 31, 2020. Please contact Pam Gannon ( with any questions. 



The AILG Facilities Committee and FCI staff will host a weekly open Zoom call, starting tomorrow (May 27) to discuss facilities issues and best practices regarding maintenance and building management during the pandemic. Other FSILG community partners may join as schedules allow. Note: there are no restrictions on who can attend the calls, but they are geared at FSILG alum house corporation members. 


Upcoming Meetings

The first Facilities call will be tomorrow at 12pm ET at the following location: (Password: FSILG)

The next AILG Board meeting will be on Thursday, June 4th at 6pm ET.

The Board is working on scheduling the Annual Meeting to approve the budget for next year and elect new board members and ombudspersons.

The Board will also be scheduling a Plenary or open forum event in the month of June.


FSILG Best Practices 

The Peer Visit Program Committee is collecting best practices for keeping your organization connected and healthy during these times. What are yours? Send good ideas and lessons learned to PVP chairs Eric Cigan ( and Roy Russell (

On that note, with Commencement this week, be sure to connect with your new graduates to welcome them to the alum side of the FSILG experience!


Other AILG Updates

As mentioned above, elections will be held at the Annual Meeting. Please reach out if you are interested in serving on the AILG Board or as an AILG Ombudsperson. 


Other MIT and MIT Med Updates

MIT Commencement is this Friday, May 29. Many FSILGs are hosting virtual events for MIT Commencement and Tech Reunions. See the MIT Alumni Association website for more information ( 

MIT’s COVID-19 Info Center:

MIT Medical updates:



Stay safe,
Akil J. Middleton '08, S.M. '10
Zeta Psi Fraternity
Chair, AILG Board