Mission & Goals


The MIT Association of Independent Living Groups will:

  • Assist our member FSILGs to teach values and life skills that are complementary to the MIT educational curriculum.
  • Be a presence at MIT, to represent and be a voice for the FSILG system and its alumni.
  • Provide tools to improve our FSILG member groups.
  • Promote diversity of choice of residence for students within the FSILG community.
  • Promote FSILG group responsibility and accountability.

Annual Goals

Beyond COVID-19 support and preparing for Fall 2021, current AILG Goals are:

  1. Bridge the gap between house management and financial expectations of alums and students
  2. Utilize our alum network to provide post-graduation resources to juniors and seniors
  3. Reconnect with all member organizations and specifically address their needs
  4. Implement opt-in facilities maintenance plans
  5. Work to increase the GRA subsidy