IRDF Donor Recognition

Dear Friends:

Each year hundreds of alumni/ae support the MIT fraternity, sorority, and independent living groups (FSILGs) by donating to the IRDF. You will be pleased to know that the number of Independent Residence Development Fund (IRDF) donors for Fiscal Year 2017 - which ended on June 30, 2017 – included contributions from over 650 donors that totaled in excess of $500K.  In addition, the estate of Reid Weedon '41, the beloved co-founder of IRDF, made a major bequest this year. The second half century of IRDF service at MIT is doing very well.
A few years ago, the Alumni Association worked with the Division of Student Life staff to develop a FSILG Direct Donor site to recognize those who contribute directly to their FSILG. Well over a thousand alums choose to do this every year. Then in 2011, this companion IRDF Donor Recognition web page was created to honor those who support their FSILG by giving to MIT and designating the IRDF fund, which is focused exclusively on FSILG financial support.

For over five decades, the IRDF has funded low-interest loans for capital projects, and currently over $16 million dollars of loans are at work funding many improvements in our community. Unlike the national situation, every single loan payment is current. And in the last several years, the IRDF has enhanced the support to FSILGs through grants in support of education and safety that do not need to be repaid. During the past eight years, definitely a rebuilding period for MIT's FSILGs, the importance of the IRDF was crucial; over $22M in loans and grants have been awarded. You can see some of the results on the Alumni Association's IRDF photo gallery. Most of the photos were taken by MIT undergraduates. 

Our IRDF gifts are important and really add up. Every FSILGs housing MIT students has applied at some point for a loan or grant, and most several times over the years. Because of the educational nature of these enterprises, IRDF operating grants fund a fraction of building operating costs such as utilities, taxes, insurance and safety-oriented maintenance.  An additional portion of the operating grants fund 75% of the purchase of certain educational items such as desks, shared computer equipment, and computer network costs. In addition, this past year five more project grants were funded. These grants underwrite the educational portion of a renovation or other capital project. And of course, the full cost of capital projects continue to be financed by the traditional IRDF low-interest loans. 

Several important FSILG community-wide initiatives have also been made possible by the IRDF. One continuing grant provides a portion of the annual support for the alumni-run Safety, Licensing, & Inspection Program. This very successful effort ensures that all chapters receive assistance in complying with municipal building and fire code inspections. With the operational support of MIT's Information Services & Technology (IS&T) department, the IRDF also completed upgrades to the wireless network infrastructure of all forty FSILG residences and linked every residence to the MIT campus via dedicated high speed fiber optic links. Our FSILGs now have state-of-the-art wired and wireless computer networks, better even than most on campus dormitories. For details, you may consult the Association of Independent Living Groups (AILG) IT Committee web page. This alumni-led committee has overseen the implementation of the entire network upgrade project. 

In all the above ways, your gift helps to enhance the livability, safety and competitiveness of MIT's fraternities, sororities, and independent living groups. Collectively our IRDF gifts preserve and strengthen this very special community, one that has served us so well, even as we pass it on to current and future generations of MIT students.

Thank you,

David Latham '61   
Chair, IRDF Board of Allocation

Bob Ferrara '67  
Member, IRDF Grant Advisory Board 

Tom Holtey '62  
Member, IRDF Grant Advisory Board

Stephen Stuntz '67  
Member, IRDF Board of Allocation

Sara Wilmer '03   
Member, IRDF Grant Advisory Board

Susan Woodmansee '97  
Member, IRDF Board of Allocation

Select an IRDF from the list below to view FY17 donors:

Alpha Chi Omega Friends of IRDF Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Alpha Delta Phi Kappa Alpha Theta Sigma Chi
Alpha Epsilon Phi Kappa Sigma Sigma Kappa
Alpha Epsilon Pi Lambda Chi Alpha Sigma Nu
Alpha Phi Nu Delta Sigma Phi Epsilon
Alpha Tau Omega Phi Beta Epsilon Student House
Beta Theta Pi Phi Delta Theta Tau Epsilon Phi
Chi Phi Phi Gamma Delta Theta Chi
Delta Kappa Epislon Phi Kappa Sigma Theta Delta Chi
Delta Psi - No 6 Club Phi Kappa Theta Theta Xi
Delta Tau Delta Phi Sigma Kappa Women's Independent Living Group
Delta Upsilon Pi Beta Phi Zeta Beta Tau
Epsilon Theta Pi Lambda Phi Zeta Psi
Fenway House pika  

You can also view archived donors by year:


Alpha Chi Omega

Shahar Admoni '09
Andrea N Blakenship
Ms Linda Chien '96
Ms Tracy E Embree '95
Amy C Gilpin '09
Jessica Hickey '07
Ms Evelyn W Hum '01
Mrs Tamara L Johnson '01
Ms Yolanda Lau '02
Tamara L Schlauch '02
Amber M Stangroom '12
Cecilia W Stuopis, MD '90
Dr Jennifer Y Sun '94
Ms Raffaela L Wakeman '08
Katharyn M Whitfield '01
Ms Jennifer Yang '97

Alpha Delta Phi

Mr Mark E Brownawell '94
Thomas D Burgmann '80
Mr Christopher W Clifton '85
Mr Jeff Dickerson '94
Dr Rajesh R Gandhi '85
Mr Tom S. Lee
Mr Samuel D Matthews  
Mr William F Quinn '85
Ruifan Pei '16
Mr Gerald E Sheldon Jr '91
David S. Taylor, PhD '91
Alpha Epsilon Phi
Alpha Epsilon Pi

Dr David L Cohn '65
Dr Matthew E Farber '75
Mr Avrom A Mintz '54
Mr Jeffrey D Pribble '89
Mrs Deborah Carlton Sanders '99
Mr Geoffrey E Sanders '99
Dr Alfred M Solish '71
Prof Ian T Young. PhD '65

Alpha Phi

Ms Pam Gannon '83
Ms Kim L Hunter '86
Mrs Anya K. Kattef '98
Catherine Kuan-Chi Foo '02
Joyce M Gallagher '08
Dr. Pamela M Gannon '84
Ms LeAnn W Lindsey '94
Ms Sarah L Masiulewicz '96
Molly E McShane '13
Mrs Jamie L Priest '12
Ms Denise A Purdie Andrews '92
Ms Sophia W Wang '89
Jamie L Warburton '07

Alpha Tau Omega

Mr David Runge Carino '75
Dr Andrew D Dubner '85
Dr Michael K Martin '72
Mr Robert G McGregor '69
Mr David J Ostlund '04
Mr James C Seaton '70
Mrs Leslie Shlecter '78
Mr Scott Shlecter '74
Mr Vinh-Thang Vo-Ta '98

Beta Theta Pi

Mr William H Austin Jr '58
Mr John K Bartholomew '86
Mr Stephen L Beeler '77
Mr Richard A Booth Jr '74
Mr Richard A Carpenter '64
Mr Jerry L Cole '78
Mr Anthony P DiPesa Jr '87
Mr Michael G Feinstein '82
Mr Michael E Flanagan '85
Dr Mark A Goldberg '82
Mr Lawrence R Hoover '57
Mr Robert E Kersey '57
Mr Alan L Laves '82
Mr Robert L Malster '56
Mr Michael P McGovern '89
Mr Michael W Miller '96
Mr Richard H Oeler '60
Mr John P Seagle '55
Dr David E Shapiro '82
Mr Louis Y Tsien '71
Herbert B Voelcker '51

Chi Phi

Mr James W Bueche '62
Mr Eugene M Choi '95
Prof C C Counselman III '64
Mr Mark F Davies '00
Mr Matthew B Debski '99
Dr Alfred T Dengler Jr '73
Mr Christopher V. Dunn '80
Mr Adam McLendon Eames '04
Mr John M Farmer '55
Mr Stanley R Gambrill '68
Mr Kenneth J Gartner '87
Mr Lansing Hatfield '64
Mr Thomas O Holtey '62
Mr John V Hryniewicz '82
Dr David Hudson '75
Philip J Lee '03
Mr Richard M McKee '75, '86
Dr Kayson Nyi '65
Mr William J Peet II '53
Mr Edward S Purcell Jr '56
Mr Wendell Snyder Jr '66
Dr J Stephan Stapczynski Jr '72
Ajay Sudan '03
Matthew A VanDuinen '10

Delta Kappa Epsilon

Mr Brian F Brown '93
Mr Tracy M Clark '83
Mr Bruce E Crocker '64
Mr Robert L De Jong '58
Dr Robert J Deans '73
Mr Gerard L Eastman Jr. '80
Mr William G Eppler Jr '67
Mr Charles H Evans III '79
Dr Gregory S George '79
Mr William R Greisser '77
Mr Ralph E Grismala '77
Dr Scott D Hector '90
Mr Todd C Hiers '00
Mr Kenneth R Hoffman '77
Mrs M Dee Jurilla
Mr Joshua D Kattef '98
Mr Richard A Kirkpatrick '63
Mr George A Mabry Jr. '76
Mr John F Martin '89
Mr Hugh E McCollum '65
Mr John H Meyn '63
Dr Carlos S Moreno '86
Mr Mark Carroll Oakes '73
Mr Ryan E Peoples '00
Mr Stuart A Rooney '63
Mr Todd S Sachs '90
Mr Bruce Sohn '83
Mark A Spadafora '08
Mr Steven E Stoller '89
Mr Alexander B Warrick Jr '72

Delta Psi-No 6 Club

Mr William M Bloomquist '67
Mr Thomas C Figgatt Sr  
Mr Frank B Harris '73
Ms Stephanie Kramer
Ms Susan C Noe '87
Mr Robert W Puffer '62
Dr Theodore S Tavares '84

Delta Tau Delta

Mr David J Agans '76
Mr Erez Barnavon '91
Mr William T Bray '62
Mr Michael A Bromberg '70
Mr Edward M Cluss Jr '77
Mr Richard R Coulter Jr '67
Mr Douglas H Currie Jr '77
Mr Robert H Dobson '69
Ashley C Dyer '06
MrJames J Harrison '88
Aleksas J Hauser '05
Dr Stacy Matthew Hockett '92
Mr Andre R Jaglom '74
Peter S Jaglom '05
Mr Jonathan F Kramarsky '88
Mr William J LaPoint Jr '84
Mr Gordon B Logan '68
Dr Michael E Mauel '78
Dr Paul W Parfomak '88
Dr J David Powell '60
Mr Karl A A Reuther '55
Mr Christopher G Rodarte '97
John Christopher Rondoni '02
Mr James W Roxlo '72
Mr G Gordon Sammis '56
Mr Dean A Schneider '69
Mr James D Shields '71
Mr Alan S Taylor '83
Mr Charles M Tenney Jr '48
Isaac J Tetzloff '07
Mr Michael W Thomas '68
Mr Joseph A Thrift '68
Mr Joseph M Toth Jr '56
Mr Richard C Walleigh '70
Mr John R Westlund '94
Mr Charles Joseph Whelan III '92, '93
Dr John A Wozniak '79

Delta Upsilon

Mr Erik B Anderson '69
Mr James H Bandy '93
Mr Thomas E Borja
Mr Kirk D Carlson '77
Christoher P Child '06
Mr James D Cook '74
Mr John F Day III '57
Mr Carl W Hagge II '57
Ming-Tai Huh '02
Mr John S Kowtko '82
Dr David W Latham '61
Dr Willard C Loomis '60
Mr Patrick J. McCabe  
Mr Michael Moncavage '82
Mr Gary A Oliverio '82
Dr Kim C M Sloat '64
Mr Stephen Weisskoff '57

Epsilon Theta

Andrew C Chang MD '88
Dr Robert S Chen '76
Mr Matthew N Condell '96
Alexander W Dehnert '12
Dr William S Dynan '75
Miss Kathryn A Fricks '92
Dr Leland B Jackson '62
Dr Hannah Jang-Condell '97
Mr Daniel E Ottenheimer '79
Mr Andrew D Parker '99
Ms Grace L Rokosz '82
Luke B Sciarappa
Ms Katherine T Schwarz '87
Ms Wen-Chia Tsai '98
Mr Dale W Walton '77

Fenway House/Sigma Alpha Mu

Mrs Felicia Dunham '87
Mr Marvin S Harris '55
Mr Marc D Tanner '98

Friends of IRDF

Mr Alexander Morr
Mr Jason Ruback

Kappa Alpha Theta

Mrs Susie L Korb '05
Ms Katherine A Oldham '94
Ms Bridget E Banas Schecter '95
Ms Magaret C Tsai '99
Ms Luisa K Torrielli '98

Kappa Sigma

Dr James M Amberg '76
Mr Peter R Denton '67
Mr Alexander B Henry '75
Mr John F Kaar '69
Mr George W. Lee, III '65
Mr Richard W Metzinger '63
Timothy R Schoen '11
Mr David J Seidler '77

Lambda Chi Alpha

Mr Eric W Cigan '83
Mr David C Douglas '85
Mr Barry L Gerken '65
Mr Thomas H O'Connor Jr '60
Mr Jerry L Robertson '65
Mr Gerard J Venema '69

Nu Delta

Mr V Richard Berliner '95
Dr Albert Michael Chan
Mr Richard Walter Holm '84
Alfredo L Morales '07
Damian O Plummer '02
Mr Richard Possemato '01
Carlos Rangel '06
Mr Joseph J Shaffery '66

Phi Beta Epsilon

Phi Beta Epsilon Memorial Fund
Mr O Reid Ashe Jr. '70
Dr David A Batchelor '77
Dr Gregory K Bernhardt '71
Mr G Gabriel Cole '87
Mr Robert D DeWitt '82
Mr John H Edmondson '79
Robert L Fried MD '76
Dr Thomas M Jahns '73
Mr Karl B Kehler '65
Mr Patrick L Korb '05
Dr Zachary F Lansdowne '65
Dr Richard C Larson '65
Dr David N Ostrom '82
Mr Thomas M Over '83
Dr Edgar M Scattergood '58
Mr Khalid A Shakir '99
Yu Zhao '11

Phi Delta Theta

Mr Shugato S Davis '84
Mr John H Gusmer '54
Mr Edward R Hammer '77
Thomas Mathew Hoover '05
Mr Douglas A Kirby '81
Mr Mark E McDowell '88
Mr Steven J Miner '79
Mr Mark R Pratt '60
Dr Benjamin R Roberts '71
Mr Gerald F Staack '61
Mr Matthew P Van Horne '02
Mr Stanley A Wulf '65

Phi Gamma Delta

Ms Nina Andreyev S '94
Mr Kenneth A Benjamin '50
Mr John K Freeman II '66
Mr Jeffrey P Gardner '94, '95
Mr Lyle E Tripp II '85

Phi Kappa Sigma

Mr Dietrich W Brunner '59
Mr Steven N Brunner '82
Mr Robert B Butters '51
Carlos A Castellanos '13
Cody T Chamberlain '14 NON
John M Cloutier '06
Mr James S Cornell '68
Mr Kent W Curtis '81
Mr William G Denhard '42
Mr Raymond A Dietz '53
Mr E Eugene Eves II '68
Mr Eric Gold '83
Mr Tim Heatwole '70
Miles H Honkawa '10
Mr Christopher L Jans '75
Mr Mark H Johnson '68
Mr Keith T Kallberg '68
Mr George V Kinal '65
Mr Thomas E Knight '74
Steven Lam '12
Mr William H Lehman '81
Mr Bruce G Lundie '88
Dr Robert M Mason '63
Clark D Minor '12
Mr William M Moran '72
Mr James B Palmer Jr '48
ChengWei Pei '03
Mr Andrew K Percey '95
Louis E Perna '09
Mr Robert J Purdy III '63
Dr Robert C Ried Jr '61
Mr John R Selin '69
Dr Frank D Skinner '53
Daniel N Southern '09
Mr Martin H Stieglitz '64
Mr Jules S Stollak '70
Mr Mark J Strong '90
Dr Charles Sve '62
Michael Y Tang '05
Mr Harry S Terkanian '70
Mr Joshua S Trauner '97
Dr Andrew M Weiner '79
Mr John E Welch '71
Hugo Zul '17

Phi Kappa Theta

Stephen M Chang '12
Mr Terence A Fong '99
Mr Guido J Frassinelli '48
Dr Erik D. Hjerpe '83
Mr Michael C Kim '91
Mr Andrew J. Knoedler '90
Mrs Audra Knoedler
Mr Michael J Mortonson '04
Mr Philip R Norris '64
Mr Oludare Ogunyemi '00
Mr George A Ozuna '80
Mr Peter C Ricupero '58
Dr Michael A Rodriguez '69
Dr David S Sabo '61
Dr Antonion M Silvestri '61
Dr John P Stampfel '66
Mr Jonathan E Suber '87
Mr Michael M Ting '92
Mr Gary D Zanercik '72

Phi Sigma Kappa

Mr Dennis F Bickford '70
Mr William D Bloebaum Jr '62
Michael T Bolin '03
Mr John D Campbell '86
Mr John P Castellano '81
Nicholas H Chun '05
Mr Winthrop B Cody Jr '82
Mr William H Combs '54
Mr Joseph A Croswell '99
Daniel S Eads '08
Mr F J Emmenegger Jr '69
Eric A Fernandez '10
Stephen W Harsany '03
Dr Bruce L Heflinger '69
Mr Eric M Lau '01
Mr R Kent McDonald '59
Mr Joseph A. McMahon  
Mr Joseph K Mulcahey '83
Dr James H Mulligan III '72
Mr Jeffrey C Munro '99
Dr Duane T. Nakahata '81
Dr Richard E Norwood '56
Mr Erik V Pedersen '62
Mr William M Richardson '59
Ian M Rousseau '10
Mr Duane E Shinnick '70
David B Smith '10
Mr John M Sadlier '87
Mr Duane E Shinnick '70
Dr Robert D Shull '68
Antony J Speranza '12
Mr Clinton H Springer '45
Mr William J Swedish '71
Ted J Tomlinson '10
Cesar G Toscano '08
Neal Arvind Vachhani '05
Mr David H Vogel '95
Mr Robert R Walsh '85

Pi Lambda Phi

Mr Robert M Asher '78
Mr Steven H Bernbaum '72
Mr Steven J Blotcky '77
Neil M Dowgun '08
Jeremiah A Egger '06
Stuart S Finney '17
Mr James C Gentry '96
Dr Claude L Gerstle '68
Phillip D Gonzales '11
Mr Tom Hsu '06
Mr Stacey T Nakamura '80
Dr Robert L Silver '66
Mr Keith I Tongnoni '84
Mr Frederick G Walls '98
Mr Michael G Weiss '65


Mr Earl T Cohen '78
Mr James A Hayter '75
Patricia McDaniel '80
Mr Richard F Moomaw '76
Mr David A Seibert '81
Mr Steven C Summit '83
Mr Peter A Welling '72

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

484 Phi Alpha Foundation
Dr Glen A Brunk '71
Mr Thomas G Burns '62
Mr Walter L Colby III '62
Mr Russell N Cox '49
Mr Michael G Damone '56
Maj David A Davis '72
Bill Donahue '68
Mr Preston R Ford '72
Mr John J Golden Jr '65
Dr Philip A Hardin '65
Dr Philip A Hardin '65
Mr Carl K King '65
Mr James H Latimer II '63
Mr John E Marsland Jr '57
Mr Henry H Perritt Jr '66
Dr Charles E Sparks '62
Dr John W Sparks '68

Sigma Chi

Mr Alan R Brennecke '61
Mr Karl Buttner '87
Mr Mark A Curtiss '87
Mr William P Curtiss '58
Adam D D'Amico '99
Dr R Stephen Devoto '58
Mr Charles J Digate '75
Mr Kenneth L Dinovo '97
Mr Bruce R Donath '69
Mr Mattew E Edstrom '95
Mr Benjamin Hellweg '97
Mr John M Holzer Jr '65
Dr Malcom M Jones '57
Capt Stephen W Keith '77
Mr Chester E Knight Jr '64
Ms Coralee S Kuhn
Mr Loughrey R Kuhn '67
Kevin M Lang '13
Dr Richard C Marboe '81
Dr Herbert W Mower, ScD '65
Mr Thomas A Stone '60
Mr Samuel T. Towell '00
Mr James G Wilber '81
Mr Derek R Wright '74

Sigma Kappa

DMrs Stephanie S Bell '06
r Helen C Kepets '02
Shannon N Nees '07
Mrs Jennifer A. Peoples '99
Sarah C Vega '11
Mrs Sara Wilmer '03

Sigma Nu

Daniel S Dorsch '12
Garrett R Fritz '11
Mr Michael J Gebauer '06
Mr Patrick Y. Kim '04
Mr Mark D. Laughter '02
Jonathan L Lounsbury '09
Mr Karl A Magdsick '01, '03
Spencer J Parra '11
Nicholas A Pellegrino '12
Matthew A Pires '10
Mr Bradford D Ricketson '97
Michael P Walsh '13

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Mr Thomas J. Cerny, III '64
Andrew S Clare '08
Dr Dan Dudgeon '69
Mr Andrew J Galland '99
Mr Norman T R Heathorn '57
Mr William B Householder '83
Mr Chris K Johannesen '82
Mr N Eric Jorgensen '60
Mr John M Ludutsky Jr '64
Mr Frank S McAninch '66
Mr Richard R Monsen '57
Mr Jerry H Morrison '77
Dr Gary W Phillips '62
Robert R Robinson '85
David A Schmidt '88
Mr Stephen C. Stuntz, III '67
Dr Charles D Wende '63
Mr Julian W West '77

Theta Chi

Mr Patrick A Cazeau '92
Mr David R Emero '90
Mr Robert V Ferrara '67
Mr Robert B Hance IV '81
Mr Carl R Hunermund '93
Mr William A Jessiman '63
Mr David S Keselica '83
Mr Jay A Mackro '71
Mr Dennis P Nash '82
Mr John L Preston Jr '68
Dr Carey M Rappaport '80
Mario A Scott '11
Mr William S Stroud '70, '73
Samuel B Weiss '10
Mr Gregory J Wilson '79

Theta Delta Chi

Mr Edwin J Adlerman '93
Mr John P Bradshaw Jr '54
Mr Camilo R Cepeda '97
Mr Jack H Chaney '76
Mr Eric L Clayberg '86
Mr Daniel J Degnan '96
Mr Alan M Foonberg '85
Javier A Garcia '11
Dr George W Gawrys '71
Dr Jerome S Gordon PhD '70
William E Lopez-Cordero
Dr Elmer C Lupton '65
Mr Robert G Mays '68
Dr Thomas A McClimans '58
Leonard J Parsons '64
Mr Robert M Pepper '71
Melvin G Salinas '13
Mr Robert P Schreiber '75
Mr Paul E Wood Jr '57

Tau Epsilon Phi

Mr Elliott J Bradshaw '78
Dr Robert B Calhoun '90
Mr Stephen G Checkoway '62
Mr Timothy P Cleary '81
Mr Nathan Curland '67
Mr Michael E Cyrulnik '98
Mr Jason Dunham '88
Mr Michael V Edmunds '89
Jeremiah A Egger '06
Dr Shervin Fatehi '04
Mr Samuel J Friedmann '88
Dr Michael J Ginzberg '69
Mr Daniel F Gochberg '91
Mr Robert Greenfeld '86
Mr Tracy R Hall '82
Mr Mark A Holthouse '76
Mr Robert D Howard '67
Colleen A Josephson '13
Avril F Kenney '11
Mr Richard I Kramer '75
David M Lawrence '14
Mr Andrew J Leiserson '04
Mr Michael I Mandel '04
Mr Nicholas E Matsakis '98
Mr Charles I McCauley '81
Mr Theodore A Peck III '82
Mr Charles M Saltsman III '80
Mr Myron M Sussman '67
Mr Stuart J Vidockler '66
Mr David Waggett '81
Mr Matthew J Wagner '93

Theta Xi

Mr Stephen D Baker '84
Mr Kenneth W Baxter Jr '66
Aaron H Bell '06
Mr Warren K Berger '82
Mr Andrew D Berkheimer '01
Mr Howard S Berman '82
Mr Robert Chase '82
Mr Daniel R Christman '76
Mr Yun Kee Chung '86
Dr Patrick C Crane '70
Sterling John Crockett '00
Mr Jude T Darensbourg '81
Mr John H Davis '87
Mr Thomas C Davis '84
Mr Arthur Figel '87
Mr Bert E Forbes '66
Mrs Candace M Forbes S '66
Mr Robert G Fulks '58
Mr James L Geary Jr '76
Dr Harold C Graboske Jr '58
Mr Steven J Hayashi '66
Matthew A Herman '06
Dr Peter W Jacobs '92
Mr David A Katz '80
Dr Craig W Kirkwood '68
Mr Eric C Knorr '74
Mr Matthew D McCluskey '91
Mr Christopher W Merkel '95
Mr James H Puls '67
Mr Stephen J Rawlinson '67
Mr Robert E Roach '68
Mr Hajime Sano '82
Mr David J Sperry '86
John R Styczynski '08
Dr Lavette C Teague '57
Dr Ronald F Webbink '67
Mr David L Weissburg '85

Womens Independent Living Group

Ms Donna G Baranski-Walker '81
Ms Heather M Cogdell '89
Ms Elizabeth M. Davis '84
Ms Elaine A Dickerson '96
Ms Kristin K Foss '83
Maria A Guirguis '09
Catey L Harwell '11
Ms Mona Caesar Johnson '89
Ms Karissa Dawn Patterson '03
Ms Margaret H Sano '82
Mrs Cristina M. Sircar '07
Dr Claribel P. Taylor '92
Jin C Xu '06
Terry M Yu '02

Zeta Beta Tau

Mr Thomas L Bailey '84
Mr Brett B Doehr '84
Mr Paul G Edelstein '80
Mr Kerry L Elkins '85
Mr Bryan W Fink '04
Dr Allan E. Kornberg '75
Mr Earle R Lane '63
Dr Thomas J LeCompte '85
Dr Meyer D Lifschitz '63
Mr William W McKinney '07
Dr John C Pflueger III '85
Mr James J Reisert '86
Mr Adam C Reynolds '01
Mr David P Russ '87
Mr Lee M Silberman '76
Mr Bradley A Waller '85
Mr Stephen G G Wedderburn '87
Mr Alan W Yueh '86
Mr Jospeh S Zahavi '87

Zeta Psi

Mr Jared E Bibler '96
Mr C Michael de Vegvar '85
Robert F Falconi '08
Mr Jeffrey M Hornstein '89
Mr Joshua D Kramer '96
Mr James K Lee '85
Mr James J Markiewicz '85
Akil J Middleton '08
Mr Michael S Pasieka '84
Dr Aaron P VanDevender '01