Best Practices

One of the goals of the AILG Peer Visit Program is to help our community identify and share best practices. Every group is unique, but we also have a lot in common and can all customize and expand on each other's ideas.

House Corporations

Here are some suggestions about corporation governance and officer responsibilties. These are intended to apply to a broad range of FSILGs. Your governance and officer roles may vary and every house will have other positions not listed. But, since we have a lot of the same goals and share a lot of the same needs, many groups have to figure out how to cover similar responsibilities. These are intended to be "living documents" so please go ahead and comment, edit, and suggest changes in the documents to be shared with the rest of us.

Here are some other items. The first two were contributed by Roy Russell '79. And the remainder came from the Alumni Association’s FSILG Toolkit, compiled mostly by Larry Colagiovanni ’04

Students and Chapters

Below is a collection of materials you may find useful for your chapter.

  • Lodging License Agreement Template Sample summer lodging license agreement used by Theta Chi and Phi Beta Epsilon
  • Crisis Management Template. We suggest that every house consider what their crisis management plan should be and adopt as appropriate.  Note that your National may also have a suggested plan.
  • House Manager Mannual developed as part of the House Manager 101 course
  • Treasurer’s Manual developed as part of the Treasurer 101 course
  • The Mind and Hand Book is the official guide to MIT’s expectations of all undergraduate and graduate students.