FSILG Fall Reopening

Material from the August 26 Student House Manager Training:
Best practices, checklists, and contacts for undergraduate house managers and others.
Material from the August 23 Seminar: MIT Covid Policies:
A link to the recording was distributed through the AILG mailing list. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns. 
FSILG Fall Reopening Community Meetings for alum corporations:
Seminar: MIT Covid Policies 
Monday, August 23, 2021 at 6pm Eastern
Judy Robinson, Senior Associate Dean of Residential Education, Brad Badgley, Associate Dean and Director of FSILGs, and Tessa McLain, Associate Dean for Student Conduct. This program is intended for alum corporations and chapter advisors - the FSILG Office is connecting separately with students on this topic area. 
There will be a short presentation with an opportunity for questions afterward, and the seminar will be recorded. To help us plan ahead, please let me know if you have specific questions or concerns. Zoom info was sent to the AILG mailing list; contact Pam Gannon if you need the link.
AILG Facilities Committee - Community Startup Meeting
Wednesday, August 25, 2021 at 6pm Eastern
This is the third in a series of meetings for general discussion and support around facilities issues. Members of the AILG Facilities Committee, FCI and DSL will be on hand to answer questions. Zoom info was sent to the AILG mailing list; contact Pam Gannon if you need the link.
A reminder to submit your FSILG Fall 2021 Reopening Planning Checklist by August 1, 2021:
The Reopening Checklist is a simple guide to assist alum corporations and students with re-opening the FSILG residences, and includes reminders for facilities preparation, governance issues, and MIT requirements. The checklist was requested by Suzy Nelson, VP and Dean for Student Life, as part of the FSILG Reopening process and was developed by the FSILG Forward effort informed by lessons learned form the FSILG Pilot Program. Reopening resources and information are posted on the AILG’s FSILG Reopening site. In addition, the AILG Facilities Committee has created a separate, detailed spreadsheet that focuses on facilities issues. 
Some quick lessons learned from the FSILG Pilot Program:
 - Be clear about student and alum roles and responsibilities
 - Start preparing your facility as early as possible
 - Professional cleaning is highly recommended (contact FCI for more information)
 - Plan ahead to deal with student belongings left in the house
A few specific questions have emerged about the Checklist and Reopening:
Are there any restrictions on meal service?
No, your meal plan can go back to what it was pre-pandemic. Buffet serving is fine, and students can eat together.
What is the kitchen steward training?
One residential member of your house needs to complete kitchen steward training. Names should be submitted through the FSILG Office. This training is an abbreviated ServSafe program that will take approximately 1 hour and is offered free of charge. The steward is then expected to share this information with the rest of the house. Here is a copy of the excellent summary shared by WILG (a pilot house) with their members. 
What is the Guest Log?
Following guidance from MIT Medical, each house will be required to use a Guest Log for contact tracing purposes. The log should note any non-residents who enter the house, date, time, and cell phone or email. The log must include members who are not residents in the house, significant others and friends, and contractors and service providers. Contact information can be discarded after 2 weeks. The Guest Log may be as simple as a clipboard and pen at the entry. Simpler is better!
What emergency access information is necessary?
In case of emergency, it is important that FCI (for facilities emergencies) and the FSILG Office (for student emergencies) have access information for your buildings. 
The most updated MIT information is posted at MIT NOW.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Pam Gannon ‘84, Director of FSILG Alumni Programs, DSL
Akil Middleton, ’08, AILG Board Chair

UPDATE 7-12-21: FSILG Fall 2021 Reopening Planning Template: This template is designed to assist alum house corporations and students with reopening, based on lessons learned from the FSILG Pilot Program and other best practices. Each organization is expected to review and submit the checklist to Pam Gannon by August 1, 2021. If there are areas where you need additional information or support, please let us know. You an download the Excel version or pdf version. You can also use a google sheet (be sure to make a copy and save as a separate version for your organization!). 

Here is a document with important dates for FSILG Reopening. 


The AILG Facilities Committee encourages House Corporation members to attend either of these two Facilities Startup/Restart Meetings. The first is on Thursday, July 15 at 6PM EST; the second is on Monday, July 19 at 1PM EST.  Contact Facilities Chair Thomas Stohlman at tstohlman@comcast.net if you missed the announcement with the Zoom link. 

The AILG Annual Meeting slides have information on Fall Reopening and additional FSILG support planned for summer and fall. 

HERE is Dean Brad Badgley's announcement to student leaders on the reopening plans, and HERE is the Excel spreadsheet and FSILG residents that must be submitted by July 20.

The AILG Facilities Committee has developed this timeline and checklist for getting the FSILGs ready for a full occupancy. Please review this document with your House Corporation.

Please see also AILG information related to Covid-19.


Here are some informational links to the MIT web site:


Please contact Pam Gannon if you have questions about Fall 2021 Reopening.