The MIT Independent Residence Development Fund (IRDF) is a special MIT fund that offers targeted grants and low interest loans to help FSILGs improve their residences, make their houses accessible to students with disabilities, and enhance the safety and educational spaces of their residences. Donors making tax-deductible gifts to MIT may choose to direct their contribution toward the IRDF (Fund #3766600). Please contact Pam Gannon if you have any questions about the IRDF. 

Policy changes for assignment of educational space, educational operating grants (EOGs), and Minor Project Grants were announced at the AILG plenary on September 23, 2021. Here are the slides from the presentation and an updated policy description

THANK YOU for your donations to the IRDF!



Below is a photo gallery featuring some of the rennovations done with the help of the IRDF:

The Women's Independent Living Room (WILG) kitchen renovation was made possible with a loan from the IRDF. The kitchen includes a host of improvements - new electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and fire suppression equipment, commercial-grade refrigerators, new gas ranges and dishwashers, and even new particulate filtration equipment. All of this results in a dramatic decrease in Cambridge sewer loading.

With help from an IRDF loan, a student design team, assisted by Leah Greenwald, MIT MArch '78, completely modernized the Women's Independent Living Room (WILG) kitchen. In the process, they also eliminated log-standing efficiency & safety issues while maintaining the all-important group cooking experience.

The Chapter Room at Alpha Phi is another study and meeting space. Amazing the difference that paint, floor refinishing, and upgraded lighting can make in a room that was previously rather dark. Special contract pricing was negotiated for nearly all purchases of furnishings.

The Parlor at Alpha Phi is the formal living room and is frequently used for study groups and other small gatherings. The floors were stripped to their natural color and the walls painted. The new rug was purchased at a great discount at a large sale event in New York City; some of the furnishings were sourced inexpensively through and Home Goods. The Parlor is also home to one communal Mac.

Enhancements to the Alpha Phi library, which already had beautiful wood paneling, improved the area for studying. The ceiling light was renovated to brighten the room and new study tables and chairs were added. The floors were also refinished and the upper walls painted. The library is adjacent to a central computer and printer room.

IRDF funds were used to renovate the library at MIT Student House including replacement of deteriorating fire stop and insulation, restoration of wood paneling to its original color, and installation of four computer workstation areas with electrical and internet cabling.

The Independent Residence Development Fund (IRDF) is one way MIT and its alumni help keep fraternities, sororities, and independent livings groups (FSILGs) going strong. See how the IRDF has recently benefitted some FSILGs. At DU, the little-used Chapter Room was converted into a Study Hall, equipped with iMacs, work table, and lounge furniture. It is now a popular area for groups of students to work together on assignments after dinner.

The SAE study and work station connection to MIT Athena.

The DU Study Hall is equipped with a video projector, useful for practicing presentations and enjoying movies together. This facility is also used to support remote attendance at alumni meetings with both video and audio.

Often the best way for freshmen to deal with those pesky GIRs is to work in groups. Here, the pledges of Phi Kappa Sigma enjoy a productive study session using the computers and whiteboard in the IRDF room.

At Sigma Nu, Athena computers, desk, and chairs were all purchased with IRDF funds.

Sigma Chi converted a storage closet into a study room, complete with two state-of-the-art workstations.

As part of the IRDF's system-wide network upgrade program, Sigma Chi blanketed the house with coverage from Cat 6 Ethernet cable and heavy-duty wireless access points.

The IRDF-financed computer network upgrade program ensured every FSILG has state-of-the-art computer networks and wiring. Here is a typical wiring closet under construction.

Chi Phi's IRDF Project Grant made exterior renovation possible.

Chi Phi's IRDF Project Grant made exterior renovation possible.