The MIT Independent Residence Development Fund (IRDF) is a special MIT fund that offers targeted grants and low interest loans to help FSILGs improve their residences, make their houses accessible to students with disabilities, and enhance the safety and educational spaces of their residences. Donors making tax-deductible gifts to MIT may choose to direct their contribution toward the IRDF (Fund #3766600). Please contact Anya Kattef '98 if you have any questions about the IRDF. 

More information is avaiable on the IRDF web site

Policy changes for assignment of educational space, educational operating grants (EOGs), and Minor Project Grants were announced at the AILG plenary on September 23, 2021. Here are the slides from the presentation and an updated policy description

THANK YOU for your donations to the IRDF!

Three alumni boards advise MIT on IRDF programming, fundraising, and disbursment of funds:

IRDF Board of Allocation:
David Hutchings '10, Steve Stuntz ‘67, and Susan Woodmansee ‘97

IRDF Grant Advisory Board
Anya Kattef '98, Tom Holtey ‘62, and Sara Wilmer ‘03

IRDF Architectural Review Board
Steve Baker ‘84, Barbara Thornton ‘80

Support is provided by Anya Kattef '98 and John McDonald of the MIT Division of Student Life and Scott Klemm and Nellie King of the FSILG Cooperative, Inc.