AILG Facilities Committee Meeting 10/6/2021 10 am via Zoom

Attendees: Bob Ferrara, Scott Klemm, Josh Schuler, Tom Stohlman, Larry Stabile, Bill Tsocoyeanes, Patrick McCabe, Pam Gannon, Dennis Collins, Brad Badgley, Ernie Sabine, Peter Cooper

Minutes of 9/1/2021 approved.

Chairman Stohlman reported that DTD has had their roof deck recertified and has requested a doubling of their AILG allowable occupancy limit. After he had some discussion with them, they decided to withdraw the increase request.

Safety Licensing Inspection Dashboard updates discussed. A new FCI hire will update the dashboard and fill a role as assistant facility manager.

Facilities Renewal Egress and Doors report for pilot houses was discussed. Ernie suggested that issues not be prioritized since cost to do all was not too much. Zoom presentation for community planned for October 6. Some common issues are locks on egress doors, closers, hardware tighten/adjustment.

Boston Fire Dept requests: signage for levels on staircases, fire extinguishers, boiler room, sprinkler room, gas valve.
BFD also noted many smoke alarms beyond expiration dates. American Alarm will replace as supply chain availability allows.

New Business: Survey house facility budgets especially to gather amounts allocated for maintenance.

Next Meeting: November 3 (first Wednesday of the month).

Notes by Peter Cooper