AILG Facilities Committee Special Meeting for Roof Deck Occupancy 12/15/2021 10:00 am via Zoom

Attendees: Tom Stohlman, Tom Holtey, Bob Ferrara, Larry Stabile, Bill Tsocoyeanes, Scott Klemm, Josh Schuler, Brad Badgley, Patrick McCabe, Peter Cooper

Meeting was convened specifically to discuss and reaffirm the original AILG Roof Deck Occupancy Guidelines and clarify the procedures for AILG Member organizations, Facilities Committee and the AILG Board. Document under discussion was Tom Stohlman's 12/13/2021 draft AILG Roof Deck Occupancy: History, Policy and Procedure.
Several revisions were discussed and incorporated. The Procedure paragraph E. was supported without change by the consensus of the attendees: "The AILG Board will review the AILG Facilities Committee's finding and either approve or return it to the AILG Facilities Committee for further deliberation."

Committee moved, seconded and voted unanimously to send the revised document, "AILG Roof Deck Occupancy v121521.pdf", to the AILG Board.

Notes by Peter Cooper