AILG Facilities Committee Meeting April 6, 2022 10:00 am via Zoom

DRAFT: These minutes need approval

Attendees: Josh Schuler, Larry Stabile, Tom Stohlman, Tom Holtey, Bob Ferrara, Pam Gannon, Scott Klemm, Patrick McCabe, Dennis Collins, Bill Tsacoyeanes, Peter Cooper

Minutes of 3/2 meeting accepted.
No report by chairman.
Pam reported for DSL on MIT Flood Plain Protocols which is concerned with basement level bedrooms.

Josh submitted his BSF report which is pasted below these notes. Committee members appreciated his report in this form.
15 houses presently use FCI Facility Manager services. Each house needs to establish whether undergraduates or alumni call contractors.

Dashboard subcommittee will review dashboard improvements and send feedback to Scott and Tom.

No progress on House Management 101.

Facilities Committee budget was discussed. Moved, seconded and voted (7-0-1) to recommend to AILG Board same budget as last year: $44,300 and 41,100 for BSF and SLI respectively. (Scott and Josh did not vote).

A sub committee will review the contract between AILG and FCI for BSF services. Sub committee recommendations will come back to the Facilities Committee before going to the AILG Board.

Licenses were typically not mailed to the houses but emailed back to the individual doing the online application.

SLI dashboard changes were presented and discussed.


Following is my update for the April meeting. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the morning!


The annual City of Boston ISD inspections will be held later this month and/or early May, depending on the respective inspector's schedule. Note that this is the second year that we have concentrated all Boston FSILGs into a spring ISD inspection. Pre-inspections are underway with approximately 25% complete to-date. This is the first inspection cycle for all but one of the UHMs pre-inspected so far. Interactions have understandably required significant knowledge sharing and encouragement, e.g.: call this vendor to have your overdue hood inspected, do not use your boiler room for storage, please relocate this couch away from the stairs, please relocate this gas can, please keep fire escapes clear, do not remove/cover smoke sensors, etc. This underscores the need for training modules/sessions of UHMs on the basics and perhaps more interactions with alumni hiuse managers, previous UHMs, the sharing of manuals, and or organization best practices, e.g.: junior and senior UHMs.

Other Projects to Note
*Fire device updates: the final two Boston FSILGs who use American Alarm for their fire alarm vendor will have all of their outdated (>10 years old) devices replaced this month. The BFD inspector has been kept apprised of the progress.
*Renewal (Egress doors): I hosted vendors to survey the pilot FSILGs. Initial estimates are under development. Pam will provide the comprehensive update.
*System and floor signage: I continue to work with UHMs to gather current signage status as the first step to address the BFD inspector's request that FSILGSs have a standardized format. I hope to compete this first step this month.
*Dryer and HVAC/bathroom ductwork: I'm seeing a lot of dryer lint build-up around the backs of machines and dirty bathroom vents during walk-throughs. I am concerned that dryers are not properly vented/connected and that the ductwork likely isn't being cleaned the 1x/year recommended to reduce the risk
of fires. I have similar concerns about the other ductwork, i.e.: HVAC and bathrooms, and the potential health and humidity issues that could result. I can provide example photos.
*Alum HM programming: No update

Joshua Schuler
AILG Building Safety Facilitator
FCI Director of Facilities
FSILG Cooperative, Inc

Next meeting Wednesday May 4 10:00 am

Notes by Peter Cooper