AILG Facilities Committee Meeting 6/1/2022 10 am via Zoom


Committee Members: Tom Stohlman, Tom Holtey, Larry Stabile, Ernie Sabine, Patrick McCabe, Peter Cooper

MIT: Pam Gannon and Liz Jason DSL, Dennis Collins Housing

FCI: Josh Schuler, BSF

Minutes of 5/4/2022 meeting approved.

No report by Chairman.

Liz Jason reported for DSL that summer housing is underway.

BSF and FCI Reports

BSF Report

SLI Report

Josh additionally added that emergency lights were not added to Evacuation Route Diagrams. That information will be separately recorded in House Manager Manuals.

Tom Stohlman hopes we develop best practice HM manuals with this and other information. Pam suggested that it appears on our website.

Old Business: BSF Consultant's Agreement discussion and approval

Tom Stohlman provided Agreement and alternative language. Committee discussed and voted on each alternative.

Larry Stabile recused himself from any voting since he is an FCI Board Member.

Exhibit A Terms and Conditions:

4.Alternative: Payment: FCI prefers simpler provisions (no computing of hours). Moved, seconded and voted (MSV) unanimously.

5.Alternative: Accounting Records: MSV

6.Alternative: Insurance: State law covers following year. Need not be in this agreement. MSV

8. Alternative: Protection and Ownership of Property: AILG does not own software. Alternative language rejected. Leave as is. MSV.

Exhibit B Compensation:

2.Alternative: Additional Services: Simplify: If Board approves. MSV

Exhibit C: BSF Scope of Services

Alternative: Maintain accurate records and additional services. Language rejected. MSV.

Delete "and reports of time spent on each of these activities." MSV

To clarify: Alternative language simplifies. MSV

Exhibit D SLI Program.

Should this be in this agreement? No, but should refer to SLI Program document and revision date. MSV

Meeting adjourned.

Notes by Peter Cooper