AILG Facilities Committee Meeting August 3, 2022 10:00 am via Zoom


Committee Members: Tom Stohlman, Larry Stabile, Bob Ferrara, Bill Tsacoyeanes, Patrick McCabe, Ernie Sabine, Peter Cooper
MIT: Pam Gannon, DSL, Liz Jason, FSILG Office
FCI: Scott Klemm, Josh Schuler, BSF

Minutes of 7/13/2022 were approved.

DSL Report: Pam indicated that MIT is collecting licensed capacities and preferred academic year capacities to better estimate available housing capacity.


BSF Report

Josh indicated that pest control and cleanliness issues over the summer are the responsibility of members not boarders.
There was a long discussion about Boston's new focus on dryer vent cleaning. Finally decided that Josh will tell inspector that Committee recommends twice a year cleaning. Will ask what documentation is adequate: professional cleaner invoice, signed log, photo documentation? Hopefully it can depend on complexity of venting at each house.
Josh will develop a log/checklist for dryer vent and other frequent maintenance issues.
Cambridge tablet based inspection recording and report is facilitating CI issuance within the hour.


Scott's report is here, and includes an SLI Display Update proposed by FCI.
Five year sprinkler internal inspection needs more discussion.
SLI dashboard discussion of who has access to what documents will be discussed further next meeting.

Old Business: SLI Specification

Moved and seconded to approve revised specification (attached to agenda). After discussion of a number of items, the motion was tabled. Tom will incorporated revisions and we will finalize at the next meeting. Discussion was as follows:
Remove EHS from specification.
7. BSF Services leave optional.
8. Escalation: Make broader: first contact House SLI contact, then Facilities Committee. IFC/Panhel/LGC via DSL Office. Resurrect form memo to AILG Board.
10.Make MIT access a separate paragraph
10.2 Private Document Access
10.3 Public Document Status
9. Registered Documents: Don't distiquish mandatory vs optional.
3. Participants: Clarify FCI role and FSILG Office/MIT DSL.

Nominations: Moved, seconded and voted to recommend to AILG Board, Larry Stabile as next chairman. No action yet on secretary nomination.

Notes by Peter Cooper