MIT’s fraternities, sororities, and independent living groups (FSILGs) are grateful for the generous support from our alums and friends. Students in FSILGs make up almost 40% of MIT undergraduates. With 35 chapters and over 1600 undergraduate members, FSILGs are part of the heart of MIT.

Every year, alums, friends, and parents donate to individual chapters to support philanthropic activities, scholarship funds, and other chapter programs.

In addition, hundreds of alums support MIT’s FSILGs by donating to the Independent Residence Development Fund (IRDF). FSILG alums have always supported the IRDF generously, and FSILGs have enthusiastically employed its low-interest loans and educational project grants to help fund repairs and improvements to chapter houses.

What funding does the IRDF offer?

  • IRDF Construction Loans – Since the 1960s, this program has offered long-term loans that FSILGs can use for major capital improvements and renovations. More than 100 loans have been issued.
  • IRDF Educational Project Grants – In 1997, MIT launched this program to reimburse FSILG projects that improve educational areas and make the FSILGs more accessible to students with disabilities.
  • IRDF Educational Operating Grants – Established in 2004, every FSILG has taken advantage of this program to support annual operating expenses related to educational activities.
  • IRDF Community Wide Grants – The newest of the four programs, these grants focus on improving safety, network connectivity, and addressing municipal regulations that apply to all FSILGs. 

Does my gift to the IRDF make a difference?

Absolutely! For all FSILGs to thrive, they need the financial flexibility to keep their properties welcoming, accessible, up-to-date, and safe – and that’s just what the IRDF funds are for.

Why give to the IRDF instead of directly to my FSILG?

All gifts to FSILGs help – whether given directly to the FSILG or via MIT’s IRDF program. An IRDF gift, however, is fully tax-deductible and counts toward reunion and class totals. 

There’s no place like home.

The living environment of a student significantly affects the college experience. The IRDF helps sustain and improve the living conditions of current and future MIT students, so they may “pay it forward” someday as well. Just as every FSILG depends on the participation and goodwill of its members, the IRDF depends on the generosity of alums who believe that the FSILG experience is impactful to its members and integral to MIT as a whole.


Please contact Anya Kattef with questions or for more information.