The Association of Independent Living Groups (AILG) is the federated group of Alumni Corporations and Advisory Boards of the MIT FSILGs. The AILG is the principal advocate of the FSILG system with MIT and a leading organization for sharing best practices, long-term vision and support.


AILG volunteers at the 2017 FSILG Leadership Retreat

The AILG is led by alum volunteers: more than 60 alums volunteer annually for the AILG, and more than 250 alums volunteer as corporation or advisory board members, officer mentors, chapter and risk management advisors, facility managers, and in other roles.

AILG plenary meetings are held four times a year, with representatives from member organizations, alumni, students, and MIT staff in attendance. An annual meeting is held in the spring, and the elected Board and Ombudspersons meet monthly. Current AILG committees are: Accreditation, Community Relations, Educations, Faclilities, Finance, Informations Technology, Insurance, Parent Outreach, and West Campus Village Initiative.

New volunteers are welcome! Please check the Volunteering, Calendar or Committees pages for more information.


The MIT Association of Independent Living Groups will:

  • Assist our member FSILGs to teach values and life skills that are complementary to the MIT educational curriculum.
  • Be a presence at MIT, to represent and be a voice for the FSILG system and its alumni.
  • Provide tools to improve our FSILG member groups.
  • Promote diversity of choice of residence for students within the FSILG community.
  • Promote FSILG group responsibility and accountability.

Annual Goals

The AILG Goals for 2016-2017 are:

  1. Continue outreach to students, parents, our neighbors, sorority/ILG alums, and other stakeholders, while also encouraging new participation from graduating seniors and graduate students.
    • Parent Outreach Committee
    • Community Relations Committee
    • Outreach to GSC
  2. Study recruitment and retention figures to better understand membership trends and the ideal size of the FSILG system
  3. Advocate for more FSILG housing options
    • Pursue the West Village plan
    • Work toward a resolution on all MITIMCo leases
  4. Foster healthy communities and cultures through existing and new programs:
    • Complete and publicize the Accreditation rubric
    • Pilot an alumni‐student mentoring program
    • Pilot an alumni education program
    • Complete and publicize the Member Support program
    • Create an on-line community resource for our undergraduate members, including multimedia learning tools.
  5. Build trusting relationships among our members and stakeholders
    • Complete and publicize the FSILG Relationship Agreement
    • Facilitate outreach to new and returning organizations
  6. Raise the profile of the ILGs on campus, in part to demonstrate the diversity of the FSILG community at MIT