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"MIT and the Association of Independent Living Groups (AILG) expect that all FSILG houses will be safe, secure, clean, comfortable, conducive to learning, proactively managed, and appropriately inspected and licensed."

Draft SLI Specification

The SLI Specification is an important enabling document describing the requirements and overall structure of the Safety, Licensing, and Inspection Program. 

This Draft SLI Specification of 2022 updates this current specification, which dates from 2006.

The AILG membership will need to vote to accept the Draft Specification of 2022. This vote will take place at the AILG Plenary meeting on November 17, 2022.

We also have a summary of the changes made. An exact comparison is available in this online difference between the two documents. Note: This link may expire. If so, please inform l.stabile@comcast.net. This diff was generated at draftable.com, and there are a number of diff tools for pdfs available on the net.

Draft SLI Specification

- Synopsis -

The original SLI Spec is from 2006.  The major changes to this 2022 version of the SLI Spec involve the following items:

  • Edits for conciseness and clarity.
  • Reorganization and simplification of sections.
  • The BSF is now handled by separate contract, so detailed descriptions of the BSF role and inspectional services have been replaced as needed by a reference to the contract.
  • The Escalation Table has been simplified, and now includes building problems and serious building problems, in addition to registered document compliance. We have had procedures in place for a number of years addressing building issues, but they had not been formally incorporated into the SLI Spec.
  • Removal or update of out-of-date items:
    • Inspection Coordination is no longer relevant as the BSF work is specified elsewhere.
    • Some groups within MIT, designated for some purpose such as notification, don't exist anymore or have changed in role:
      • MIT Group A, B, and C have been removed.
      • The MIT EHS Office (EHS = Environment, Health, Safety) was designated in the original document as a potential partner for various physical issues. In actual practice this never happened and so does not appear in the new spec.
    • Relation to Accreditation has been removed as it is no longer part of the SLI process.
    • The Program Fee section has been removed. Program fees are established by the AILG Treasurer and vary from year to year.
    • The Registered Documents section has been modified to reflect modern regulatory documentation requirements.
    • The Information Access section has been brought up to date and obsolete sections removed.  Access permission levels among the different types of users are unchanged.

Please send comments on the SLI Specification to l.stabile@comcast.net.


Roy Russell plans to move to modify the SLI Spec at the November 17 Plenary in the manner described below. Please take a look at these proposals.

This notice is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute endorsement by the Facilities Committee.

After reviewing the draft SLI specification, I plan to introduce the following motion at the plenary:

I move that we amend the SLI specification as outlined here:


I have proposed 8 changes to the document, with reasons for each change included in the comments.

Best regards,
Roy Russell
PBE Corp

Here is a list of Facilities Committee policies and guidelines. 
Here is the Handout from the August 26 Student House Manager Training. This is a list useful best practices, checklists, and contacts for undergraduate house managers and others.
Also, FSILGs may wish to use an attestation form for contractor visits. Here are WORD and PDF versions

The AILG Facilities committee provides assistance to houses in meeting their facilities-related responsibilities.  Your main source for information in this regard is the Facilities Committee's House Manager's Manual. This manual is kept up to date and includes what you need to know about maintenance, inspections, and policies. 

A service specifically involving inspections is offered to houses by the AILG, the SLI (Safety, Licensing, and Inspections) Program, This offers assistance to houses to ensure they are ready to meet the requirements of municipal codes and associated inspections.

Policies, Guides, and Archives

The Facilities Assessment Program was a professional engineering evaluation of all houses with respect to their immediate and long-term physical needs regarding infrastructure and safety.

For other policies and more, go HERE.


New volunteers are always welcome. As of September 2020 meetings are by Zoom on the first Wednesday of each month at 10:00am Eastern Time. Contact  Larry Stabile, Chair:  l.stabile@comcast.net

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