At the conclusion of each academic year there are several award ceremonies for the FSILG Community to express appreciation to students, alums, and organizations and to recognize their support of the mission and values of the FSILG community. The FSILG alumni/ae awards will be presented at the 2018-2019 AILG Annual Meeting on May 29, 2019.

Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Lifetime Achievement Awards recognize decades of dedicated service to an FSILG chapter and/or to the FSILG community as a whole. They are not presented every year. The AILG Board typically selects only a small number of awardees, and Lifetime Achievement Award may be presented at the AILG Annual Dinner or the FSILG Awards ceremony in May. Here are Lifetime Achievement Awards foir the past several years.

  • Rob Calhoun '90, Tau Epsilon Phi  - 2016-2017 Awardee
  • David Latham '61, Delta/Upsilon/Theta Tau - 2016-2017 Awardee
  • Jim Bueche '62, Chi Phi - 2012-2013 Awardee
  • Steve Stuntz '67, Sigma Phi Epsilon - 2012-2013 Awardee
  • Herb Cantor '44, Sigma Alpha Mu - 2011-2012 Awardee
  • Tom Egan, Delta Kappa Epsilon (cook) - 2011-2012 Awardee
  • Joe Chapman '79, Tau Epsilon Phi - 2010-2011 Awardee
  • William Denhard ‘42, Phi Kappa Sigma - 2009-2010 Awardee
  • William Noz ‘57, Sigma Alpha Epsilon - 2009-2010 Awardee
  • Bruce Wedlock ‘56, Phi Kappa Sigma - 2009-2010 Awardee
  • Al Bloom '50, Alpha Epsilon Pi – 2008- 2009 Awardee
  • Bob Sandman '48, Alpha Epsilon Pi – 2008- 2009 Awardee
  • Reid Weedon ’41, Phi Beta Epsilon – 2008- 2009 Awardee

Outstanding Alumnus/Volunteer Advisor Awards

The Outstanding Alumnus/Advisor Awards are presented annually at the FSILG Awards ceremony in May. The awards recognize outstanding service by alumni/ae volunteers to Chapter House Corporations, Advisory Boards, individual FSILGs, AILG committees, or even the whole FSILG community.

2017-2018 Award Winners

  • Colleen Josephson ’13, Tau Epsilon Phi
  • Joe Kubit ’70, Phi Beta Epsilon
  • Jim Latimer ’63, Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  • George Mabry ’76, Delta Kappa Epsilon
  • Jim Monk ’64, Lambda Chi Alpha
  • Mary Linton Peters ’92, Kappa Alpha Theta
  • Matt Pires ’10, Sigma Nu
  • Mark Spadafora ’08, Delta Kappa Epsilon
  • Jessie Stickgold-Sarah ’96, Fenway House
  • Cecilia Stuopis ’90, Alpha Chi Omega

Archived Award Winners

The following links lead to awards primarily intended for students. The FSILG student award ceremony for 2018-2019 was held on May 5.

FSILG Office Awards

IFC Awards

Panhellenic Association Awards