Mission & Goals


The MIT Association of Independent Living Groups will:

  • Assist our member FSILGs to teach values and life skills that are complementary to the MIT educational curriculum.
  • Be a presence at MIT, to represent and be a voice for the FSILG system and its alumni.
  • Provide tools to improve our FSILG member groups.
  • Promote diversity of choice of residence for students within the FSILG community.
  • Promote FSILG group responsibility and accountability.

Annual Goals

The AILG Goals for 2016-2017 are:

  1. Continue outreach to students, parents, our neighbors, sorority/ILG alums, and other stakeholders, while also encouraging new participation from graduating seniors and graduate students.
    • Parent Outreach Committee
    • Community Relations Committee
    • Outreach to GSC
  2. Study recruitment and retention figures to better understand membership trends and the ideal size of the FSILG system
  3. Advocate for more FSILG housing options
    • Pursue the West Village plan
    • Work toward a resolution on all MITIMCo leases
  4. Foster healthy communities and cultures through existing and new programs:
    • Complete and publicize the Accreditation rubric
    • Pilot an alumniā€student mentoring program
    • Pilot an alumni education program
    • Complete and publicize the Member Support program
    • Create an on-line community resource for our undergraduate members, including multimedia learning tools.
  5. Build trusting relationships among our members and stakeholders
    • Complete and publicize the FSILG Relationship Agreement
    • Facilitate outreach to new and returning organizations
  6. Raise the profile of the ILGs on campus, in part to demonstrate the diversity of the FSILG community at MIT