Mission & Goals


The MIT Association of Independent Living Groups will:

  • Assist our member FSILGs to teach values and life skills that are complementary to the MIT educational curriculum.
  • Be a presence at MIT, to represent and be a voice for the FSILG system and its alumni.
  • Provide tools to improve our FSILG member groups.
  • Promote diversity of choice of residence for students within the FSILG community.
  • Promote FSILG group responsibility and accountability.

Annual Goals

The AILG Goals for 2018-2019 are:

  1. Coordinate with and support chapters as they implement their facilities action plans for phase II
    • Short- and long-term planning
    • Outreach and fundraising
    • Community-wide initiatives
  2. Support campus-wide sexual assault awareness programs by:
    • Formally endorsing existing programs and initiatives
    • Featuring Title IX and VPR representatives at a Plenary meeting
  3. Develop a statement of AILG core values, including safety, diversity, and inclusion
  4. Enhance undergraduate and alumni interactions
    • Hold a new volunteer orientation session
    • Identify and discuss any gaps between alumni and student perspectives
  5. Strengthen and connect our member alumni corporations
    • Educate our members on tools available through the AILG Alumni Association Affinity Group
    • Develop toolkits and resources for alumni involvementĀ 
    • Create a method to collect and update house corporation rosters
    • Hold a house corporation leadership retreatĀ 
  6. Perform a review and update of the Accreditation Program and launch a late Spring 2019 pilot
  7. Review and update the AILG Bylaws