Mentoring Committee

The AILG Mentoring (formerly “Champions”) Committee has the following scope:

  • The AILG Fraternity Culture Committee has recognized the impacts — both positive and negative — that fraternity alumni can have on the practices that that the committee was established to deal with. This led to the establishment of the Mentoring committee, with participation from AILG along with MIT staff and undergraduate leaders.
  • The focus of the Mentoring committee will be to recognize what it means to be good citizen of the FSILG/MIT/Global Community and to enable alumni to be more visible and positive examples of such citizenship.
  • The Mentoring committee will develop proposals that will encourage fraternity alumni to set strong, positive examples for their undergraduate chapters.
  • The committee’s proposals may include establishing programs and reward systems intended to motivate fraternity alumni serve as strong, positive role models, and for undergraduate members to have high expectations from their alumni.
  • The committee’s proposals may also include training methods to enable alumni to better communicate positive citizenship examples and to deal with the inevitable questions and resistance they may face from both undergraduates and other alumni.

The members of the Committee are:

Mike Feinstein, Beta Theta Pi ’82 – Chairman
Alyssa Boros, Pi Beta Phi ‘16
Bryan David Bryson, Zeta Beta Tau ‘07
Eric Cigan, Lambda Chi Alpha ‘83
Emily Crandall Fleischman, Epsilon Theta ‘18
Leah Flynn Gallant, Assistant Dean / Director for Student Leadership and Engagement
Kim Hunter, Alpha Phi ‘86
(former member) Jacob Oppenheimer – formerly of FSILG office

Our presentation to the AILG Plenary in November 2015 is here.

Curriculum for the initial pilot is being developed by RISE Partnerships.  This development is happening in the Spring and Summer of 2016.  The initial pilot organizations for the Fall of 2016 are Zeta Psi, Phi Beta Epsilon, Theta Chi, and Sigma Chi.  If you are interested in joining this committee or have questions or feedback, please contact Mike Feinstein (mike_feinstein at yahoo dot com).